Fancy & Sexy ACNH 5 Star Single Hotel Room - Best Room Design Ideas In Animal Crossing

11/13/2021 10:17:09 AM

How about resting a night or two in an Animal Crossing New Horizons modern and fancy hotel room? This is the most expensive ACNH single room of a 5-star hotel in the game. To reach a 5-star Animal Crossing hotel requirement, your rooms must have an exquisite design, the highest quality furnishing, and a personal housekeeper. Players can invite their girlfriend/boyfriend to this room to spend a wonderful night. On the other hand, it seems this sexy ACNH bedroom will be the perfect spot to have one night stand. How incredible would it be to relax in a Whirlpool Bath, then lie down in a Rose bed, pour yourself a cup of wine, and enjoy the beautiful night view of this prosperous city? Do you like the idea of this fancy Animal Crossing 5 star single bedroom?

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