ACNH Gorgeous Cozy Nook Inc Log Room | Best Animal Crossing Home Design Ideas

11/29/2021 10:37:42 AM

The cozy and bright Hog Room is based on the Nook Inc theme and comes with the most creative and detailed design ideas, which will definitely help inspire any budding ideas of rebuilding your room with brand new ACNH 2.0 items. You can’t imagine this talented player can Orange wood log furniture (Log Extra-long Sofa, Log Decorative Shelves, Log Bench) and blue Nook Inc. themed objects (Nook Inc. Wall, Nook Inc. Silk Rug, Nook Inc. Botanical Rug) are so perfectly combined. In order to make the whole design more harmonious and beautiful, the creator creatively used some blue and green furniture, decorations, and Nook inc themed custom designs such as turquoise box sofa, green Lily Record Player, Baby Panda, Nook Inc. Cushions, Green Tea Set, Nook Inc. Eye Mask. The addition of these items not only enhances the overall style of the room but also adds very interesting details.

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