ACNH 2.0 Kitchen & Dining Room Design Idea - High-Grade Vintage Animal Crossing Interior with Ranch Set

12/4/2021 4:51:07 PM

Do you want to create a modern kitchen with a vintage vibe? Looking at the ACNH 2.0 kitchen & dining room design idea for interior, the light-color cedar wooden Ranch set furniture items (Ranch kitchen, Ranch cupboard, Ranch tea table, Ranch chair, Ranch lowboard), which are added in New Horizons 2.0 update, put in the wide room, combine the gorgeous Chandelier, make the whole room look elegant and stylish, natural but not bulky, also suits the wooden striped floor (Common Flooring) and walls (Blue Painted-wood Wall). There are also modern furniture items placed, such as the Kitchen stove, Stand Mixer, and Soup Kettle, as well as the Bread. You can check the complete list of Animal Crossing 2.0 items at AKRPG. 

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