ACNH Medieval Old-fashioned Workshop Design - Animal Crossing 2.0 Basement Crafting Room Ideas

12/13/2021 12:47:38 AM

Workshop designs with a medieval style often appear on industrial or retro-style islands in Animal Crossing New Horizons, and may even be decorated in a festive style to become a Santa Claus workshop on a Christmas-themed island. And here, we show a basement workshop with a strong retro style, including a large number of vintage furniture (Antique Console Table, Den Chair, Den Desk) and tool items (Cooler Box, Diy Workbench, Sewing Machine, Hamster Cage, Electronics Kit) ) Is used. And this room is like a collection room or storage room of the creator, because of the placement of Katana, Cardboard Boxes, Artisanal Bug Cage, and various models. In addition, the addition of Decoy Duck, Raccoon Figurine, puppy plushie, Frog Model, and other small items add vitality to the dim basement.

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