Cheerful ACNH Cinnamoroll Mermaid Prom Room | Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0 House Design Ideas

1/3/2022 2:40:49 PM

This cheerful and colorful holiday ball-themed room was created by Cinnamoroll Set Furniture and Mermaid Series Items and added Festivale items (Festivale Lamp, Festivale Stage) to embellish colorful vibes in your Animal Crossing New Horizons house. You will definitely be surprised that this room, which is a mixture of various series of furniture and decorations, is not chaotic but very harmonious and has a unique and lovely beauty. Fireplace and High-end Stereo in the corner, Candle chandelier on the ceiling, Hourglass, SLR camera, and Blood-orange juice on the table all add beautiful details to the design of the entire prom house.

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