ACNH Study Room Design - Relaxing ACNH Apartment with Crackling Fireplace for Game and Study

1/14/2022 4:32:01 PM

You must have seen plenty of amazing study room designs in Animal Crossing New Horizons, either with shelves of books or well-sorted desks and chairs. This is a casual ACNH house interior design, randomly placed Animal Crossing items and multiple variations of furniture, but we can find the focus are different computers, books, writing & gaming desks and lamps, all of these look a little casual but somewhat close to the real situation. People may be busy with work and study, which results in a mess in the room. This study room or bedroom is plain, not come with lots of fantasy decorations, but with the fireplace seems always crackling, it is not cold. And there is also an air conditioner installed. You can play games or study in the warm and relaxing ACNH 2.0 modern apartment.  

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