ACNH 2.0 Modern Ironwood Cooking Show Kitchen | Best Animal Crossing Room Designs

1/24/2022 5:43:56 PM

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, we’ve noticed that a lot of modern home designs really like ironwood set furniture. This idea is pretty basic, but the execution is on point, we dare to say flawless. All the ACNH furniture comes from the ironwood series in basic oak color. Some essentials you’ll need here include basic living room furniture. such as an Ironwood Kitchenette, Ironwood Cupboard, Gas Range, Magnetic Knife Rack, Pot Rack, and Ironwood Dressers. That’s right, you’ll also need a Kitchen Island, and Diner Counter Chairs to create the dining area. What makes this room stand out is the vast amount of decorations, primarily from the cooking-related items and plants such as Fruit Basket, Cherry-blossom Bonsai, Kettle, Mixer, and more.

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