ACNH 2.0 Creative Server Room (Electronics Workshop) Design | Best Animal Crossing Room Ideas 2022

1/31/2022 9:10:09 AM

In a modern-themed city or industrialized island on Animal Crossing New Horizons, how can there be a lack of data center or IT style office? So you won't hesitate to recreate this Server Room in your basement as your home workshop. If the basement is supposed to be the height of the workshop in the home, then this IT room design is sure to hit the mark! For this, you'll need to collect the Circuit-board Wall and Server cabinets, and computers. Also, you'll want Iron Worktable, Wall-mounted Tool Board and Iron Shelf, for a nice place to serve your working. If you want to get some rest from work, then you can place Ironwood Bed and High-end Stereo at the corners. And if you want some more ideas to build into your house on ACNH, take a peek at our list of Room design ideas too. Lots of crossovers there.

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