Cool White ACNH Shower Room Design - Family Spa & Versatile Bathroom Idea in Animal Crossing

2/11/2022 5:28:45 PM

Take a look at this modern white ACNH shower room design, which employs a variety of white Animal Crossing items for sale, including Shower Booth, Whirlpool Bath, Deluxe Washer, Bathroom Sink, Rattan Towel Basket, Digital Scale, Iron Wall Lamp, Toilet, Bidet, Ironing Board, Wooden Full-length Mirror, etc. These typical furniture items created a versatile bathroom, can be used to take a bath, soak in the spa, wash clothes, iron clothes, go to the toilet, and more. The white wall and floor set the base of the whole decor, each item works well in it. The most enjoyable thing is that you can watch the TV program when you are taking a hot spa and no need to care about the time passing by. 

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