Lively Dormitory & Colorful Fruit Themed Room Idea in Animal Crossing New Horizons 2022

4/18/2022 12:14:40 PM

Days in school are always memorable, and the dormitory life is colorful. So when you think of the student dormitory, there should be lots of good ideas for creating an Animal Crossing room design. This is a bright and lively dormitory interior with lots of ACNH items in beige, yellow, or orange, such as the Wooden Table, Double Sofa, Wooden-knot Flooring, Wooden-block Stool, etc., and some budget furniture like the pink Refrigerator and Bunk Bed. The second one is a colorful fruit themed room design for Animal Crossing, makes you feel like in a tropical place, various fruits and themd furniture including Pear Bed, Juicy-apple Tv, Pear Wardrobe, etc., especially the Green Retro Flooring and Orange Wall, works well for this room. 

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