ACNH Interior Idea 2022: Kitchen Food Storage Room, Kidcore Playroom & Ice Bedroom

5/20/2022 5:53:11 PM

The first one is a unique kitchen design for Animal Crossing New Horizons, placing a set of silver-colored ACNH furniture items that create a clean and modern style kitchen. The color of these items is perfectly matched, Double-door Refrigerator, Kitchen stove, Kitchen dishwasher, Kitchen counter, and Freezer. A ton of containers, packages, and cabinets make it to be used as a back kitchen for food storage and cooking preparation. Want to build a distinct kitchen design? Maybe you can get some inspiration from it, the use of the Pile of cardboard boxes is easy but explanative. 

Moving on to the next kidcore playroom, the colorful wooden block set items are trendy in Animal Crossing and can quickly help you create a cute room. Lastly, we have an ice bedroom using lots of frozen New Horizons items to build winter scenery. 

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