ACNH Starry Zodiac Living Room Design | Best Animal Crossing House Ideas

6/6/2022 2:37:53 PM

In this Animal Crossing New Horizons video, we showcase a room created by Starry-sky Wall and Zodiac furniture (Aries Rocking Chair, Aquarius Urn, Capricorn Ornament, Cancer Table, Gemini Closet) is so dreamy and unparalleled. You’ll need Starry-sands Flooring and Starry-sky Wall wallpaper to set up this living room idea. You’ll also need to craft a Zodiac Series Furniture from rare Zodiac Fragments, so spend a bit of time outside and wish on some shooting stars! The space and zodiac furniture DIYs used here can be obtained when Celeste visits one's Animal Crossing New Horizons island. Using this illuminated furniture can eliminate the need for incandescent or fluorescent room lighting, too.

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