ACNH Living Room and Bedroom Combo Ideas - Clever Ways to Design a Living & Bedroom

10/7/2023 10:45:44 AM

Check out the best living room and bedroom combo in Animal Crossing! 

Employ a functional partition to divide the living room and bedroom visually. Use a large Hanging clothing rack that doubles as storage. Arrange a comfortable seating area with a Moroccan sofa, a Horizontal organizer, and a TV on one side, while placing a Dreamy bed bedside Dreamy shelves in one corner of the room to create a separate bedroom area. Gaming chair and Gaming desk|Sim game Monitors Pinkcan double as workspaces or entertainment areas. On the other side of the space,  arrange a makeup area with an Elegant console table|Pink roses Cloth Pink with a loveseat or comfy chair, and a wall lamp. 

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