ACNH Natural Rustic Cottagecore Room Designs | Animal Crossing Best Room Ideas 2024

12/25/2023 10:24:32 AM

Here we present two especially bright and refreshing rooms that create a natural rustic vibe using simple furniture and decorations, giving a comfortable feeling of getting away from the bustle. The first room is a Japanese-style bed and breakfast, the Shoji Screen and Bamboo Flooring easily paired together to harmoniously generate a Japanese cottagecore vibe. Simple decorations like the Bamboo Partition, Kimono Stand, and Rainbow Inflatable Sofa bring vitality to the room. The second room uses a gorgeous forest-themed Autumn Wall that pairs well with the Forest Flooring to create a forest getaway, which makes for a stellar room. Take this vibe even further with the Mush Parasol and Mush Table, and take a rest in-game while sitting in your forest hideaway!

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