ACNH Wooden-block Style Children's Room Designs | Animal Crossing Best Child Room Ideas 2024

2/27/2024 4:46:58 PM

In general, the wooden-block furniture series has a rustic, handmade aesthetic utilizing repeated geometric wooden blocks as the construction material. The items are basic yet durable, and add a touch of nature-inspired decor to both indoor and outdoor spaces. 

Wooden-block Bench

- A simple wooden bench made of blocks. Looks sturdy yet rustic. Great for relaxing outside.

Wooden-block Chest

- A wooden storage chest made of interconnected blocks. Has a lid that opens to reveal ample storage space inside. Adds character to any room.

Wooden-block Stool

- A short stool built from interlocking wooden blocks. Its blocky construction lends stability. Could double as extra seating or a side table.

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