ACNH Sanrio Baby Room Style Room Designs | Animal Crossing Best Baby Room Ideas 2024

3/28/2024 5:08:15 PM

A baby's nursery in the style of Animal Crossing. The floor is made of wood and there are pastel colored furniture items scattered around. 

Mermaid bed:

- A large bed styled after mermaids, with a shimmering aqua mattress surrounded by seashells and pearls

- When you lay in it, it feels like drifting lazily along an ocean current on a sunny day

Cinnamoroll sofa: 

- A pastel pink sofa shaped like Cinnamoroll, Sanrio's popular cinnamon roll character 

- Soft and squishy, it's very comfortable to curl up on with a cup of tea and your favorite book

My Melody chair:

- A fanciful pastel blue and white chair modeled after My Melody, the musical notes character

- Decorated with her iconic bows and heart patterns, sitting in it feels like relaxing in a dreamy fairy tale landscape 

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