Fabulous Japanese Style Study Room Design - ACNH Japan Theme Interior Design Ideas

8/22/2020 2:39:15 PM

This is a fabulous Japan inspired study room, which mimics Japanese style in order to bring a little bit of their well-honed Zen into your own lifestyles in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Authentic Japanese screens made of fine translucent paper held inside a  wooden frame, a low plank table with floor cushions, traditional Japanese plants such as bonsai, brown Wooden Bookshelf, Japan theme items (you can find this ACNH theme pack on akrpg.com) like Lucky Cat, Fox Mask and Kimono, all of these pieces pull your study room together into a rich Japanese interior design that speaks to its culture and love of nature. Peace and harmony, since Japanese style interior design has this tranquil decorating touch perfected, this serene and very cultural interior design is very suitable to use for the Study Room. 


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