Animal Crossing New Horizons Beginner Guide - Top 11 Tips & Tricks For ACNH Starters
5/21/2020 3:30:32 PM

The new version Animal Crossing New Horizons is so amazing featuring some new contents, items, features and more details. Then what should you do the first time you load it up? How to start the Animal Crossing New Horizons? In this article, we will share you a mix of AC tips & tricks and straight-up information that will give you the inspiration you need when it comes to playing Animal Crossing New Horizons.


Animal Crossing New Horizons Beginner Guide - Top 11 ACNH Starter Tips & Tricks

Animal Crossing: New Horizons was released for Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite in March. It’s the best version yet with a tons of new features, from crafting your own tools to constructing your island from scratch. Those first few days in Animal Crossing New Horizons can be a bit bewildering - especially if you're new to this most eccentric of series. In order to fix this issue, here brings 11 best tips for ACNH starters, helping you make the most of your first few days as an islander. Covering topics of Nook Miles Ticket usage, ACNH bells earning, DIY recipes collecting and more. If you're a beginner, you'll surely find answers to many questions you might related to these. You will likely find some useful advice even if you're more experienced or returning players.

1. Craft faster

When you're making DIY recipes in ACNH, it can get annoying to wait through the animations every time you create something new. Speed the process up drastically by pressing the A button a few times in quick succession once your character starts crafting. Repeatedly pressing B will make animals talk faster too.

2. Visit other islands using Nook Mile Tickets

You can buy Nook Mile Tickets as they are very important in the game, and they are an absolute godsent. Which will take you to a new island randomly generated in the game. You can collect fruits, trees, wood, sticks and flowers on the island. You can even invite new characters you meed to your island. 

3. Catch bugs & fish for ACNH bells collecting

Find the water on your island, you can go fishing with your fishing rod, look for shadows in the water and get different species of fishes and sell them for bells. You can also catch bugs which will appear around thickets of flowers. Sell the local wildlife at Nook’s Cranny to earn bells. Bells are the in-game currency in Animal Crossing which allow you to purchase better tools, more furniture and even more DIY recipes!

Catch bugs & fish for ACNH bells collecting

4. Free storage 

Are you annoyed with constantly darkrain your island? Is it getting a little frustrating? If you want to free up some storage well this is the perfect way to do it. Have you ever thought of just simply carrying a trash bin with you constantly when your storage is full of flowers or weeds? You don't have to just carry it around all day, you can just bring a Ben, it's like a portable dumpster. You just put it in the bed and keep going completely clear your inventory of anything you don't need, and you're completely set to go. 

5. Collect DIY recipes

A major component of New Horizons is gathering up new recipes to craft out of materials you can collect over the island. You can buy Animal Crossing DIY recipes from recipe books sold by Timmy or the Nook Miles Store with AC Bells, earn a huge amount of DIY recipes from Tom Nook by progressing with tasks, learn some special Animal Crossing DIY Recipes by finding certain items, and unlock a DIY recipe by taking part in several daily tasks. 

5.Collect DIY recipes in Animal Crossing

6. Eating Fruits 

In previous Animal Crossing games, eating a piece of fruit was just something novel to do. There were no edit effects, you can only take those fruit and go sell into your store for tons of money in Animal Crossing. However, in New Horizons eating a piece of fruit will add to a little fruit counter that pops up in the corner of your game and it allows you to break rocks and uproot fully-grown trees with the shovel. If you happen to eat a piece of fruit on accident and don't want this power, the only way we found to remove the ability is to either dig up a tree and replant it break a rock.

7. Sell fruits to your friend’s island

Did you know that native fruits so way less on your island than foreign fruits. If you're planting massive amounts of fruit trees for money, focus on the foreign fruit, because they sell from way more on your island than they will on an island with should. Focus on selling any other fruit like cherries or apples on my island to get bonus money, and a bonus tip or idea for you is you should go to your friends island and sell all your native fruits.

9. There’s a second DIY not bottle

Some people don't know that there's two DIY bottles on the beach. If you up the first one, in the morning or early afternoon you're gonna have another one. They will appear at night. Isn't that great. So if you do one in the morning you'll have another DIY bottle at night. 

10. Shaking trees 

Shaking trees has been a key feature of the Animal Crossing series since it got its start. It hasn't really evolved too much beyond for gathering fruit, finding pieces of furniture and wasp nests, and nabbing the occasional ACNH bells. But now in New Horizons, you can shake trees to also gather tree branches that are used to craft a number of essential ACNH items. The cool part though is that these trees are an infinite resource for branches, you can keep shaking and they'll keep falling. Branches will fall opposite to the side you're shaking on. And you'll also want to make sure there isn't anything on the ground that could get in the way of the branches landing spot. It's a good idea to pluck weeds and keep flowers away from trees if you're planning to shake them often. 

11. Improve your island to 5-star

You can check your island rating by speaking with Isabelle in Resident Services. Take her advice literally. You’ll need well-balanced deco items scattered throughout your island - add lots of furniture to your island, build bridges and incline, plant a certain amount of flowers and trees, using stalls to place AC items, add lots of fences to your island, you need also recruit new villagers. 

Which of these tips will you be using in your Animal Crossing New Horizons day to day life? Our handy hints above are only the tip of the iceberg - there is still plenty for you to discover for yourself. Hopefully though, these ANCH tips and tricks will give a guiding hand as you start the game!