Animal Crossing New Horizons Candy Guide – How To Get Halloween Candy Easy & What It’s Used For
10/4/2020 9:46:47 PM

Since it’s October and Halloween season is upon us. There’s plenty of spooky things to do, one of which is getting candy - a limited-time item in Animal Crossing New Horizons through October for the Halloween event. Here we share a guide on the best ways to get Halloween candy in Animal Crossing New Horizons.


Animal Crossing New Horizons Halloween Candy Guide

Candy is a new resource introduced in the just-released version 1.5 Fall Halloween update for Animal Crossing New Horizons and requires a fully updated game to experience. The Halloween candy can help your island’s inhabitants get in the festive spirit, it can be used to Trick or Treat with villagers to get exclusive items. It’s important to get ahold of before the Halloween event happens on October 31st. Read on to learn how to get candy in Animal Crossing New Horizons, what types of candy exist in the game and what it’s used for.


What Types Of Candy Exist In ACNH

  • Regular candy: Can be bought from Nooks or be given to you from villagers.

  • Lollipops: Can’t be bought from the game, but those are exclusive from when you give a villager a piece of candy they might in turn give you a Lollipop. Once you’ve earned Lollipops you can talk to Jack and trade them in for some exclusive Halloween-themed items and DIY’s. 


ACNH Candy Getting – 6 Ways To Get Halloween Candy

1. Buy Candy Daily

Head down to Nook’s Cranny and buy one piece of candy per day at 120 ACNH Bells. Make sure to stock up on candy daily, to have enough for getting items from Jack and to share with your Villagers!


2. Alternate Residents

Using the call resident functionality. On any Nintendo switch you can have many different residents on your account such as Nate, Katie, Jess and many people that are just extra characters that live on the island. So if you have the additional pro controller, this is going to be a way that you can get way more candy in ACNH Halloween event.


3. Visit a Friend’s Shop

In order to get more candy in the game is going to be utilizing friends online in order to shop at their Nooks. All you have to do is find a friend and have them open up their gates for you, head on over to their Nooks and buy the candy for them from that specific day. If you want an infinite amount of candy you can literally keep on visiting the same friend over and over again. Candy stacks in a 30 stack per little item slot.


4. Dress Up Like Jack

Use Jack’s likeness to your advantage. For Halloween event, we all know that if you give continuously give Jack candy and lollipops he’ll give you his robe and he’ll give you Jack’s face. So now you can parade around town pretending to be Jack. Every single villager that you have in your town will think that you are Jack and they’ll give you a whole bunch of candy. So that means an additional 10 pieces of candy regardless of who you can find.


5. Revisit October Days/Time Travel

You can change up your date to any day within the entire calendar of October and once you’re there you can press the home button, you can load up your save file by going to date and time changing it to anything. So anywhere from the 31st to the first and you will be able to revisit Timmy and Tommy’s shop and then get more candy. So if you want to revisit Halloween again you would literally have to travel forward a day, talk to all those villagers, get another 10 candy, rinse and repeat for as long as you want for an infinite amount of candy.


6. Get A One-Time Gift Of 3 Candies From Villagers

On Halloween if you have no candy in your pockets, talking to a villager who is outside you can get a limited one-time gift of 3 candies. This doesn’t seem to be repeatable.


What Can You Do With Candies

There are 3 possible uses for candy in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

  • Give Villagers Candy: Giving a villager candy will get you a piece of furniture, clothing or a DIY recipe for the Spooky Set. They can also give you a Lollipop that you can give to Jack, or they can teach you a new Halloween Reaction. You may even get some pumpkins from him.

  • Drop Candy to Attract Ants: Ants may swarm over candies when dropped on the ground and you can catch them using a net.

  • Eat Halloween Candy for Fruit Energy: Eat candy gaining fruit energy that allows you to destroy rocks and pick up trees in your inventory.