ACNH Christmas Update & Toy Day Guide - Villager Presents, Jingle's Prizes, Costume & Items In Animal Crossing New Horizons

11/4/2020 9:13:43 AM

In December, Animal Crossing New Horizons starts to celebrate the holiday season by releasing the Christmas Event - Toy Day, which is hosted by the reindeer Jingle. Similar to other holiday events, ACNH Christmas Update will bring a bulk of new winter seasonal DIY items and activities, Festive Furniture, Toy Day items and more prizes from the Jingle. 

Animal Crossing New Horizons Christmas Update - ACNH Xmas Toy Day Event

Christmas as the annual festival surely will be celebrated in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Start from December, we are going to enter the holiday season, and getting prepare for the Christmas event. 

ACNH Christmas Update - Animal Crossing New Horizons Toy Day Event

ACNH Christmas Toy Day Release Date & Time

Animal Crossing New Horizons Christmas Toy Day Event is scheduled on 24th December 2020 from 18:00, and the black nosed Renideer - Jingle starts to roam around on your island at that time. While in order to help players to save a little time to prepare for the big holiday, a Christmas preparation will start on December 1st, like Xmas Costume and Items on sale on in-game shops. 

ACNH Christmas Event - Toy Day Prizes & Items

Christmas event will surely bring a bulk of new content including new seasonal DIY items, rewards from new characters, and also we can expect the brand new Festival DIY recipes for craft Christmas style items could be added to Animal Crossing New Horizons. Follow us to check out more details.

Note: The below guide is based on the information from Animal Crossing New Leaf and the rumors from data miners, we will update the post once get any official information.

ACNH Christmas Theme Costume & Santa Outfit

Start from December 1st, Christmas Costume and Santa clothing will go on sale in Able Sisters or Kicks for ACNH bells, you will need to buy some with bells for Toy Day. All pieces will appear before the 24th, so you won't have to worry about missing one.

ACNH Christmas Costume & Santa Clothing

Festive (Illumination) Set Items & Ornament DIY Recipes

Special festival-themed items including the Illumination set will be collectable during the holiday season in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which can be crafted with ornaments and related DIY recipes. These Illumination and Festive furniture will help you much in decorating your island and house into Christmas vibe. You can see how they are used cleverly in this ACNH Christmas Island Designs.

ACNH Festive (Illumination) Set Items & Ornament DIY Recipes

Here is the full list of Festive Series Furniture & DIY Recipes:

  • Ornament Wreath (2 Gold Ornament, 6 Blue Ornament)

  • Tabletop Festive Tree (2 Clay, 3 Tree Branch, 5 Gold Ornament)

  • Ornament Mobile (4 Tree Branch, 1 Gold Ornament, 1 Blue Ornament, 1 Red Ornament)

  • Jingle Wall (5 Clay, 5 Gold Ornament, 5 Blue Ornament, 5 Red Ornament)

  • Illuminated Tree (6 Iron Nugget, 6 Gold Ornament, 8 Blue Ornament, 8 Red Ornament)

  • Illuminated Snowflakes (3 Iron Nugget, 9 Blue Ornament)

  • Illuminated Reindeer (5 Iron Nugget, 6 Gold Ornament) 

  • Illuminated Present (3 Iron Nugget, 4 Gold Ornament, 3 Red Ornament)

  • Holiday Candle (5 Clump of Weeds, 5 Red Ornament)

  • Festive Tree (5 Wood, 2 Gold Ornament, 3 Blue Ornament, 3 Red Ornament)

  • Festive Top Set (1 Hardwood, 2 Gold Ornament)

  • Big Festive Tree (5 Wood, 5 Clay, 4 Gold Ornament, 6 Blue Ornament, 6 Red Ornament)

  • Festive Rug (5 Gold Ornament, 5 Blue Ornament, 5 Red Ornament)

How To Get Ornaments? From December 15 until January 6, the pine trees on your island get decorated to celebrate the holidays regardless of which hemisphere your island is in. Shaking the decorated pine trees will drop Ornaments, which are the main materials for craft Festive Items:

There are 3 types of Ornaments:

  • Red  (with a 7.5% drop chance)

  • Blue (with a 7.5% drop chance)

  • Gold  (with a 5% drop chance)

How To Get Ornament DIY Recipes? During this festive season, you also can collect the seasonal festive DIY recipes by shooting down balloons with your slingshot. 

Toy Day Item DIY Recipes & Christmas Furniture

Christmas items haven't been confirmed yet, but we think special Christmas set items & Toy Day DIY Recipes will be most likely obtainable from Jingle, instead of purchasing them from the store in ACNL. If so, we will can expect to collect them by complete gift sending quest for Jingle during the Toy Day on December 24. 

ACNH Toy Day Items - Animal Crossing New Horisonz Christmas

Here is the possible list of the Christmas Toy Day Items &  DIY Recipes:

  • Toy Day Sleigh

  • Toy Day Stockings

  • Toy Day Bed

  • Toy Day Closet

  • Toy Day Chair

  • Toy Day Rack

  • Toy Day TV

  • Toy Day Rug

  • Toy Day Dresser

  • Toy Day Sofa

  • Toy Day Table

  • Toy Day Piano

  • Toy Day Wall

How To Get Toy Day Set Furniture & DIY Crecipes In Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

  • Most of the Toy Day furniture can be crafted with corresponding DIY recipes, while you could only get the DIY recipes by helping to Jingle give out Xmas presents to villagers during the Toy Day event time on December 24th.

  • And there are items can be obatain diretly by complete the gift sending quest for Jinle on Toy Day. 

Toy Day Jingle's Prizes - Fir Wreath & His Photo

You will get rewards from Jingle by giving gifts to villagers. After you help Jingle give out gifts to a villager, you can get a present from him, if you got the villagers what they really wanted, you'll get a reward the following day from Jingle.

ACNH Toy Day Prizes - Jingle's Photo

ACNH Toy Day Event - Christmas Activities

Of course, to get the rewards from Jingle, you will need to complete some quests. We have not gotten any official information, but we can make some predictions according to the events in the previous AC series. Keep reading to get to know how does the Christmas event goes on in Animal Crossing. 

How Does The Christmas Toy Day Event Go On In Animal Crossing?

The Toy Day Process in ACNL: 

  • 1.Talk to villagers, get know and take note of what they want from Santa

  • 2. Buy all pieces of Santa outfits from stores before the December 24th

  • 3. The event start and Jingle appear at 6 pm on December 24th

  • 4. Wearing a Santa costume and talk to Jingle, get a big of presents from him

  • 5. Giving all presents out to villages, make sure to give the right gift they want

  • 6. Report back to Jingle after you've given every gift out and get a reward (fir wreath) from Jingle

  • 7. Next day, you'll get a reward (photo of Jingle) from Jingle if you gave the villagers the presents they really wanted

How To Get Jingle's Prizes on Toy Day?

We have talked about how you will participate in the Toy Day Event above, but if you want to finally get the most and best prizes from Jingle, you should pay attention to the following tips:

  • 1. During December 1st to 23rd, talk with your villager and get hints referring to what Toy Day gift they want and the color of the present. Remember to take a note of details of what they tell you. 

  • 2. On Toy Day (December 24th), dress up like Santa with the outfit: Santa Coat, Santa Pant, Santa Hat, Santa Beard, Santa Boots, which you can buy from Able Sisters and Kicks with bells. 

  • 3. Starting at Dec 24th, by 6pm, go to find and talk with Jingle on your island (geranlly by your Town Hall & Tree). He will give you a magical Santa Bag, containing all the presents that your villagers requested.

  • 4. Go to talk with each villager and then choose the correct present the villager want from the Santa bag. Once done, report to Jingle and get prizes.

ACNH Toy Day Villager Gift List &  Guide

As we mentioned above, by helping Jingle send gifts to the villagers, you will be rewarded. But in order to get the best reward, you'd better understand and remember what gift the villagers want. Below we will tell you how to get Jingle's prizes. First let's fingure out what presents Jingles prepares for villagers possibly. First let's fingure out what presents Jingles prepares for villagers possibly, then you should get know what villagers want as a gift. 

ACNH Toy Day Villager Presents

Here is the possible list of Toy Day presents (from ACNL) each villager wants:


Red: Executive Toy

Blue: Elephant Slide

Green: Tennis Table

Brown: Foosball Table

Yellow: Bingo Wheel

White: Bowling Pins

Gray: Mini Circuit

Colorful: Colorful Wheel


Black: Wide-screen TV

Blue: Upright Vacuum

Red: Vacuum Cleaner

Orange: Deluxe Washer

Gray: TV with VCR

White: Refrigerator

Brown: Retro TV

Green: Retro Fridge


Colorful: Candy Jar

Brown: Box of chocolates

Orange: An orange

Green: A pear

Yellow: A banana

Pink: A peach

Gray: lunch tray

Red: An apple


Blue: Blue Cabinet

Colorful: Kiddie Bureau

Orange: Grapefruit Table

White: Cream Sofa

Gray: Tall Lantern

Beige: Pine Chair

Green: Lily Pad Table

Aqua: Backyard Pool

Black: Weight Bench

Brown: Writing Desk

Pink: Lovely Table

Red: Juicy Apple Clock

Yellow: Lemon Table


Blue: Blue Wall

Brown: Exotic Wall

Aqua: Backyard Fence

Colorful: Kiddie Wall

Orange: Astro Wall

Gray: Concrete Wall

Yellow: Cheese Wall

Beige: Paw print Wall

Black: Sleek Wall

Green: Green Wall

White: Modern Screen

Pink: Lovely Wall


Blue: Blue Flooring

Red: Plush Carpet

Brown: Exotic Rug

Colorful: Kiddie Carpet

Yellow: Ceramic Tile

Orange: KitschyTile

White: Birch Floor

Beige: Neutral Floor

Gray: Modern Tile

Green: Green Rug

Pink: Lovely Carpet


Pink: Wobbelina

Yellow: Lucky Gold Cat

Orange: Baby Bear

Black: Lucky Black Cat

Red: Garden Gnome

Purple: Papa Panda

Green: Hula Doll

Aqua: Fancy Doll


Aqua: Blue Dot Parasol

Blue: Blue Umbrella

Red: Red Umbrella

Pink: Candy Umbrella

Yellow: Yellow Umbrella

Black: Bat Umbrella

Colorful: Gelato Umbrella

Green: Leaf Umbrella

Orange: Maple Umbrella

White: Lacy Parasol


Red: Red Warm Up Suit

Orange: Orange Jacket

Green: Grass Tee

Gray: Gray Tank

Purple: Purple Tie-Dye

Aqua: Cloudy Tee

Pink: Heart Tee

Black: BB Tee

Yellow: Leopard Tee

Brown: Swell Tee

Blue: Blue Diamond Tee

Beige: Beige Knit Shirt

White: Snow Shirt

Colorful: Rainbow Tee


Brown: Folk Guitar

Black: Upright Piano

Green: Rock Guitar

Red: Metal Guitar

Beige: Timpano Drum

Yellow: Drum Set


Pink: Plum Bonsai

White: Moth Orchid

Yellow: Jasmine Bonsai

Green: Tall Cactus

Red: Poinsettia

Purple: Purple Violets


White: Minimalist Lamp

Black: Small Spotlight

Gray: Mini Lamp

Red: Polka Dot Lamp

Brown: Modern Wood Lamp

Green: Green Lamp

Aqua: Lava Lamp

Pink: Lotus Lamp

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