ACNH Mushroom Design Codes - Custom Animal Crossing New Horizons Mushroom Path & Clothes Patterns

11/4/2020 12:04:54 PM

When you take a tour on an Animal Crossing Cottagecore dream island, you may see lots of ACNH mushroom items and designs all over the ground. Throughout the whole of November, players can collect different mushrooms to craft mushroom furniture by themselves instead of purchasing with Animal Crossing bells. If you are really fond of this cute pattern, here we have a collection of ACNH mushroom design codes for custom paths, floors, walls, clothes, costumes, and more. 

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ACNH Mushroom Custom Designs Codes - ACNH Mushroom Path, Floor & Wall Patterns

Applying mush patterns will make your pathway and floors unique and cute, especially there are plenty of mushroom items placed for decorating the island. From November 1 to November 30, Animal Crossing players who are in the northern hemisphere can get the mushroom recipes and materials including Skinny Mushroom, Round Mushroom, Flat Mushroom, Rare Mushroom, Elegant Mushroom, to craft ACNH items like Mushroom table and Mushroom flooring. If you want to increase the diversity of designs on your island, you can check out these custom Animal Crossing mushroom path codes for multiple applications, such as flag, sign and wall-mounted painting. 

ACNH Mushroom Design Code 1 - Mushroom Wood Planks by とうふ (@1002_tofu)

acnh mushroom code 1

ACNH Mushroom Design Code 2 - Mushroom Path by Metztli (@Metztli_ACNH)

acnh mushroom code 2

ACNH Mushroom Design Code 3 - Mushroom Patterns by Mint (@Mintdesignsacnh)

acnh mushroom code 3

ACNH Mushroom Design Code 4 - fly amanita by Jessie

acnh mushroom code 4

ACNH Mushroom Design Code 5 - shrooms by Bramble

acnh mushroom code 5

ACNH Mushroom Design Code 6 - mushrooms by Pan

acnh mushroom code 6

ACNH Mushroom Design Code 7 

acnh mushroom code 7

ACNH Mushroom Design Code 8 - Shrooms 1 by Mac

acnh mushroom code 8

ACNH Mushroom Design Code 9 - mushrooms by Merley

acnh mushroom code 9

ACNH Mushroom Design Code 10 - Mushroom Prints by Bee (@BeeBambi)

acnh mushroom code 10

ACNH Mushroom Custom Designs Codes - ACNH Mushroom Clothes & Costumes Patterns

Based on the current season for the northern hemisphere, here we are mainly focusing on Animal Crossing New Horizons fall & winter clothing with custom mushroom designs, like the overcoat, cardigan, and sweater. You can also create beautiful mushroom-inspired dresses, apron, and shirt for summer, as well as the kimono, fits all the year around. Even though the common colors of mushrooms are red, brown, and yellow, you can paint your mushy outfit in various colors. 

ACNH Mushroom Design Code 11 - mushy cardi by Jen

acnh mushroom code 11

ACNH Mushroom Design Code 12 - mush cardigan by Kogitsune

acnh mushroom code 12

ACNH Mushroom Design Code 13 - mush version 2 by Eevee

acnh mushroom code 13

ACNH Mushroom Design Code 14 - Mushroom Cardi by Sara

acnh mushroom code 14

ACNH Mushroom Design Code 15 - mush corduroy sweater by honey

acnh mushroom code 15

ACNH Mushroom Design Code 16 - Mushroom Dress/Cardi by Indie

acnh mushroom code 16

ACNH Mushroom Design Code 17 - Mushroom Coat by Bean

acnh mushroom code 17

ACNH Mushroom Design Code 18 - Autumn Forage Cardigan by Velouria

acnh mushroom code 18

ACNH Mushroom Design Code 19 - overalls mushrooms by Hales

acnh mushroom code 19

ACNH Mushroom Design Code 20 - Mushhood by Genna

acnh mushroom code 20

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