16 Best 5-Star Island Design Ideas In ACNH - Decorating Your Island Entrance, Forest, Patch & How To Improve Your 5-Star Island
11/12/2020 11:53:37 AM

Struggling to think of good island fillers for your Animal Crossing island entrance, path, forest, walkways, more? Here we share 16 best 5-star island design ideas for you that won’t take hundreds of hours to complete, hope they inspire you to get your ACNH island to a 5-star island!

16 Best 5-Star Island Design Ideas In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Since the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons in March, a large community of gamers have been sharing incredible custom designs created for the game. They used these custom designs, in-game AC items to design the perfect Animal Crossing 5-star island paradise. However, without patience, time and imagination, creating your own perfect island is not so easy. So if you’re looking for fresh and impressive Animal Crossing: New Horizons island ideas that won’t take hundreds of hours to complete, we’ve collected a stack of the most inspirational below. Take a look at the following 15 best 5-star Animal Crossing New Horizons island designs. Gorgeous and exquisite walkways, urban forest, spectacular entrance, insanely intricate waterways and path systems.

ACNH Island Design Idea 1 - Pond

This first pond area is super cool and the use of color is really fantastic. The ducks are swimming around, there are fishes, the flamingos are beautiful. It feels quite a large area on your island if you have an area like this empty.

ACNH Island Design Idea 2 - Forest

This one is snow white and the seven dwarfs, kind of play-off here. It's really bright and colorful and a good way to fill just a bit of greenery in your island if you can't think of anything to put there. 

ACNH Island Design Idea 3 - Rest Area

If you have any crescent moon chairs sitting around, that is good for stargazing. It’s bright, it’s colorful, you can get some flowers involved. 

ACNH Island Design Idea 4 - Waterway

If you have a large area and you want to add some more water to your island, this is definitely something to do. Put some money trees on there, put some flowers on there, put a little pond in the middle with a bridge connecting to it and it is so calm and peaceful. 

ACNH Island Design Idea 5 - Castle

This is actually the castle created by the Youtuber Sophie Charlotte Gaming, it fills a humongous area and you have the choice if you want it to fill a huge area or a smaller area just by the amount of simple panels you add.

ACNH Island Design Idea 6 - Patch

Lavender patches are definitely something that are becoming more apparent on people's islands, you can be really creative with them, you can add fencing, light and paintings, they're really creative and they're super bright and colorful.

ACNH Island Design Idea 7 - Spa Area

Doing a spa area like this with a waterfall and bamboo trees is really good if you're wanting to get into terraforming and don't really know how to do it, but also it's just really effective if you want to create a really calm and really peaceful corner on your island.

ACNH Island Design Idea 8 - Outdoor Book Shop

You've all seen a book shop or coffee store in islands before, you can be really creative with the seating and what's on the table and what's kind of surrounding it. 

ACNH Island Design Idea 9 - School 

Schools are a really good way to use the laptop, so you get nooks to use the lockers and you know a good space filler and as well as use some tables and chairs. It's really effective.

ACNH Island Design Idea 10 - Entrance To Your House

If you have a grand entrance to your house and want to know how to jazz it up, just out some flowers, some lights and crescent chairs and it will create this really large spectacular area on your island which is a great island filler. 

5 Star ACNH Island Design Idea 11 - Square Area

If you have a square area on your island, then this will be perfect for you. Get hold of some street lights, flowers, hedges and some custom design flooring and this will be perfect to fill a square area on your island.

5 Star ACNH Island Design Idea 12 - Outdoor Gym

5 Star ACNH Island Design Idea 13 - Bridge

This one has amazing still water running along the bottom, there are two amazing statues at the front. It looks really natural and stunning and looks really good on your map.

ACNH Island Design Idea 14 - Garden Center

ACNH 5 Star Island Design Idea 15 - Happy Birthday Area

If your islander has a birthday you can all go and celebrate the birthday there. But also it’s just so bright and colorful and just brings that next level colors to your island. 

5 Star ACNH Island Design Idea 16 - Farm

This is a nova lite star fragment farm. You can see the weighing scales at the back, you’ve got the wheelbarrow and all the amazing flowers and the two houses in front of there. If you’ve got a big area to spare and it looks stunning.

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