How to Unlock Toy Day Event in Animal Crossing New Horizons - ACNH Toy Day Guide

12/8/2020 10:59:41 AM

Along with the atmosphere of Christmas, Toy Day is one of the most anticipated events in Animal Crossing, on that day, Jingle will visit your island and bring lots of festive gifts for villagers. Also, you can collect exciting new ACNH items and furniture. Before the start of Animal Crossing New Horizons Toy Day, let’s learn about how to unlock Toy Day in ACNH. 

acnh toy day guide

ACNH Toy Day Guide - When & How to Unlock Toy Day Event in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Similar to Turkey Day, the first thing you should know is that you can’t time travel to Toy Day as well, it’s locked, you have to wait until December 24 in real life to play the event. In addition, there are five preparations you need to make for starting the Animal Crossing Toy Day event for Christmas Eve. People who play the game often may have met most of the requirements, but please remember to check if you have achieved all the following conditions before the event, to make sure you won’t miss it. During the Turkey Day event, there are many players can't access the festival. 

1. Update your game to version ACNH 1.6.0

ACNH 1.6.0 version is also known as ACNH winter update, which is available from November 19, most people should have downloaded it, press the + button to check if the version displayed on the top of screen is 1.6.0, if not, download ACNH 1.6.0 update and access options. 

2. Link user with Nintendo account

To active the event, you need to link your user profile to the Nintendo account, you don’t have to link all users, as long as any one of the residents on the Animal Crossing New Horizons island is linked to a Nintendo account, all residents can participate in the festival.

3. Upgrade your Resident Services 

Ensure renovate your Resident Services building before or on the day of December 24, otherwise, you can’t enjoy the Toy Day event with a tent. 

4. Set your time on Nintendo Switch

The in-game time of Animal Crossing New Horizons is consistent with the time of Nintendo Switch, so remember head over to System settings, to set your date and time on the console, choose Synchronise clock via internet. The ACNH Toy Day event will only occur on December 24, 2020.

5. Start your game with a user linked to Nintendo account after December 24

After December 24, start Animal Crossing New Horizons with a user linked to a Nintendo account when connected to the internet, if the version is 1.6.0c, the event will start, after get 1.6.0c, the internet connection is not required. Please note the ACNH 1.6.0 is the version of the actual update, but 1.6.0c is kind of indicating the real-time update. After December 1, players can start New Horizons as a user linked with your Nintendo account when connected to the internet, if it is running, quit the software and restart it. Make sure the version becomes 1.6.0b before December 24.  If the version display on the title screen is 1.6.0b, the conditions for starting the Toy Day event have been achieved, on December 24 in real-time, if you link your user to a Nintendo account and start the game when connecting to the internet, the version display on the screen will change to 1.6.0c. 

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