Super Mario Items & Warp Pipe Feature Is Coming To ACNH - Mario Custom Design Codes | Mario Update March
2/20/2021 11:57:17 AM

It’s been announced that the Super Mario crossover update is coming to Animal Crossing New Horizons in March to celebrate Mario’s 35th anniversary, featuring a wonderful assortment of Mario items and outfits plus warp pipes that will change the game. We'll be going over all of these here and we share some really cool Super Mario custom design ideas & codes. 

ACNH Super Mario Update 2021 - Mario-themed Items, Warp Pipe Feature, Custom Design Codes

As announced in September's Super Mario 35th Anniversary Direct, Mario update is coming on February 25th and a massive set of really cool new Mario-themed furniture items will be released into the game on March 1st. By the promotions tab you'll be able to visit nook shopping and get these items yourself on this date provided you've updated your game. Below we'll be going over all you need to know about Super Mario-themed furniture items, brand new warp pipes and teleporting feature that is coming to Animal Crossing New Horizons in the Mario update, along with some best ACNH Mario custom design ideas & codes. 

Animal Crossing Mario-Themed Items Revealed - Super Mario Furniture and Outfits

One aspect of this ACNH Mario update will include Super Mario furniture items. Though the update is on Feb. 25, the Super Mario Bros. crossover items will become available via Nook Shopping on March 1. Here is the list of all the Super Mario collaboration items you can get from the March Super Mario update in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Super Mario Furniture

? Block (1350 Bells)

1-Up Mushroom (2000 Bells)

Block (1000 Bells)

Coin (350 Bells)

Fire Flower (1500 Bells)

Floating Block (1000 Bells)

Goal Pole (3500 Bells)

Large Mushroom Platform (3000 Bells)

Pipe (5000 Bells)

Shell (700 Bells)

Small Mushroom Platform (1000 Bells)

Super Mushroom (1350 Bells)

Super Star (2000 Bells)

Thwomp (3000 Bells)

Super Mario Wallpaper, Flooring & Rugs

Block Flooring (3000 Bells)

Lakitu's Cloud Rug (1500 Bells)

Mushroom Mural (3000 Bells)

Yoshi's Egg Rug (1500 Bells)

Super Mario Clothes

Mario 'Stache (1200 Bells)

Mario Hat (1500 Bells)

Mario Outfit (2400 Bells)

Mario Shoes (1400 Bells)

Luigi 'Stache (1200 Bells)

Luigi Hat (1500 Bells)

Luigi Outfit (2400 Bells)

Luigi Shoes (1400 Bells)

Princess Peach Crown (12000 Bells)

Princess Peach Dress (6000 Bells)

Princess Peach Shoes (2400 Bells) 

Wario 'Stache (1200 Bells)

Wario Hat (1500 Bells)

Wario Outfit (2400 Bells)

Wario Shoes (1400 Bells)

How To Get Super Mario-themed Items ACNH

- Mario-themed items can be obtained by popping balloons in the sky, as many of the game's seasonal items appear as DIY recipes.

- By using ACNH Bells and new Super Mushroom, 1-Up Mushroom, and Mega Mushroom items, Pocket Camp players could craft every item from the Mario Theme, including clothing.

- Once the Super Mario update released with new items, you can find these furniture and clothes in ACNH new items category on and buy Mario items with cheapest prices, fastest delivery and best service. 

- We can obtain DIY recipes for Super Mario-themed furniture items from talking to villagers, and then find Mushrooms, 1-Up Mushrooms, and Mega Mushrooms scattered all over their island, finally using a combination of the items along with other materials to craft the Mario-themed furniture.

ACNH Warp Pipe Feature For Mario Update

The most exciting item for Mario crossover update is the brand new warp pipe item which will actually let you walk from one place on your island to another effectively allowing you to quickly teleport from one side of the island to the other. 

How warp pipe item works & when can you unlock it? The main misconception that is floating around is that you can only have two of these pipes on your island, this is not the case, in fact you can have as many as you want, you need at least two for this feature to work but provided you've got at the mountain. You'll be able to warp around your island if you have free pipes around your island where you exit will actually be randomized, this would be the same if you had a hundred different pipes. So you could end up in many different places because of this randomization element. With just two pipes, your exit location will be definite so you can use these pipes to effectively go to a specific place that you want to go. You could also put one pipe down in a specific location and then carry another around with you, placing it down whenever and wherever you want to warp. This is such a great new feature and it's so exciting to see.

You can also place a warp pipe within your house and walk in and out of it which is pretty insane. There's literally been nothing like this before in an Animal Crossing game.

These pipes look different in the Mario games, these warp pipes have been known to sport different looks and different colors and designs. So it'd be really cool if you could customize them and have a wide variety. It'd be really great if customized pipes could help determine your location like red to red and yellow to yellow rather than it being completely random.

Best ACNH Mario Custom Designs & Codes - Clothes & Outfits 

Ever want to dress up as Super Mario or decorate your island with all the Mario items? Below we list some best Mario design ideas & codes appearing online. Take your pick from these excellent Animal Crossing Mario designs!

1. Super Mario Design Code: MA-4727-9770-9750

2. Super Mario Design Code: MA-6483-4989-4372

3. Super Mario Shirt Design Code: MA-6483-4989-4372

4. Mario Sweater Design Code: MA-1300-4874-7072

5. Super Mario Hat Design Code: MA-8330-8815-5027

6. Mario Pipe Design Code: MA-5858-6635-2541

7. Mario Sweater Design Code: MA-9233-3818-9362

8. Super Mario Gamer Ground Design Code: MA-5858-6635-2541

9. Mario Dress Design Code: MA-7181-4405-1938

10. Mario Peach Dress Design Code: MA-4410-4885-8610

Mario Dress Design Code 2

11.Mario Brick Design Code: MA-5858-6635-2541

12.Mario Fludd Design Code: MA-6483-4989-4372

13. Mario Cap Design Code: MA-8330-8815-5027

14. Super Mario Bros Tee Design Code: MA-2364-5561-9749

15. Super Mario Star Hat Design Code: MA-3338-2972-5266

16. Mario Dress Code: MA-1058-6951-5658

Mario Peach Dress Design Code