ACNH Sanrio Designs - Animal Crossing New Horizons Sanrio & Hello Kitty Custom Design Codes

3/1/2021 11:49:46 AM

Sanrio Crossover is coming to Animal Crossing New Horizons, brings new ACNH items set, and allows the players to invite Sanrio villagers. Starting from the 1.9.0 update in March, you are able to obtain these cool Sanrio furniture and use them to refresh your designs. While some custom designs can make your island more unique and incredible. Here we collected a bunch of ACNH Sanrio designs, you can use the custom design code to find these Sanrio clothes, paths, etc.  


ACNH Sanrio Design Codes - Animal Crossing New Horizons Sanrio Designs (Hello Kitty, My Melody and More) 

Sanrio designs inspired by Hello Kitty, Pompompuri, Little Twin Stars, Cinnamoroll, My Melody, and Kerokerokeroppi. With the arrival of Spring, the world is becoming colorful again. Cute Sanrio-themed designs involve various colors, including yellow, pink, green, blue, and more. You can add some Sanrio elements or newly-released Sanrio items to your ACNH Spring island design or interior decoration. For example, the pink brick design with Sanrio characters, which is created by @amaya_acnh, is perfect for the path of an island full of cherry blossom trees. Check out the following ACNH Sanrio custom designs, including ACNH Sanrio clothes design codes and other codes, wear your Hello Kitty or My Melody outfit to visit the villagers! The chalk design and brick design can be used for your paths and floors. 

ACNH Sanrio chalk design by @KenzoCrossing

ACNH Sanrio Designs 1

ACNH pink brick design with Sanrio characters by @amaya_acnh

ACNH Sanrio Designs 2

ACNH Hello Kitty patchwork design for bedroom quilt @tinrobo

ACNH Sanrio Designs 3

ACNH My Melody apron by @omoonbunnyo

acnh sanrio design 16

ACNH Sanrio Hello Kitty outfit collection by @rslashAC

acnh sanrio design 17

ACNH Sanrio-inspired clothing designs by @kemmes7

acnh sanrio design 18

ACNH Hello Kitty Hat & Dress by @akucchiku

acnh sanrio design 19

acnh sanrio design 21

ACNH Sanrio design collection by @marys_crossing

acnh sanrio design 20

ACNH Sanrio custom clothes by @nicoleyisme

acnh sanrio design 22

acnh sanrio design 23acnh sanrio design 24acnh sanrio design 25

ACNH Pompompurin dress by @Harajuku_Tingz

ACNH Sanrio Designs 4

ACNH My Melody dress by @Harajuku_Tingz

ACNH Sanrio Designs 5

ACNH Hello Kitty dress by @Harajuku_Tingz

ACNH Sanrio Designs 6

ACNH Hummingmint hoodie by @PrincessDesu

ACNH Sanrio Designs 7

ACNH Tuxedo pastel by @PrincessDesu

ACNH Sanrio Designs 8

ACNH Sanrio Kimono Uploaded by RhaenyraAmayra

ACNH Sanrio Designs 9

ACNH Frog Clothes by Moss and Ryuu

ACNH Sanrio Designs 10

ACNH My Melody dress by tasha

ACNH Sanrio Designs 11

ACNH My Melody sweater by Catalola

ACNH Sanrio Designs 12

ACNH Purin dress by @MeepuDraws

ACNH Sanrio Designs 13

ACNH Hello Kitty cap by Miho

ACNH Sanrio Designs 14

ACNH Hello Kitty Tee by @MilkyMoonArt

ACNH Sanrio Designs 15

ACNH Hello Kitty dress by @vvnightingale

ACNH Sanrio Designs 16

ACNH Sanrio hoodie by @ThePerfectVoid

ACNH Sanrio Designs 17

ACNH Hello Kitty hoodie by @ThePerfectVoid

ACNH Sanrio Designs 18

ACNH Hello Kitty print by Candas

ACNH Sanrio Designs 20

ACNH Sanrio Hello Kitty Clothes by Haruna

ACNH Sanrio Designs 20

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