ACNH 2021 1.9.0 Update Predictions - 1.9.0 Update We Could Expect From Animal Crossing New Horizons
3/8/2021 11:24:20 AM

There could be some hidden surprises within the next update for Animal Crossing New Horizons. We might see some more update news soon and what surprises we could see within the next update for Animal Crossing? The next update is the 1.9 update coming out on March 18th. Give you new access to in-game content collaboration with the Sanrio update and this will introduce six brand new villages and a whole bunch of collaboration items that you can enjoy.

This update is kind of unusual for a few reasons: the first being that they announced this update incredibly early on in the month, way before the update comes out which is unprecedented for Nintendo. They usually do the trailers for these updates right before the update drops. Whereas this one had quite a few weeks before it was coming out.

Another thing is this update drops so close to the anniversary of Animal Crossing New Horizons, making a lot of people think we might not see any anniversary content, as this Sanrio update is called the 1.9.0 update, Nintendo has confirmed this on their official website. It's not the 2.0 and if we were going to see a massive content update, which would be appropriate for the anniversary, it would be 2.0. They don't necessarily have to jump to 2.0, they can go to 1.10 as well and maybe even higher. But if they're going to do a big content update with some of the things we've been speculating about and wanting for months like Brewster the roost, Gyroids, and more. So with this being confirmed as 1.9, we might not see any major new additions within this update, that doesn't mean however that it has to just be the Sanrio update, there could be some other surprises in there. Some of the other updates with smaller numbers have had pretty exciting content in them like swimming and the dream suite, etc. 

 #1 Bunny Day 

One of the most hated events that are coming up in Animal Crossing New Horizons is the bunny day in Animal Crossing New Horizons. The New Leaf version of this wasn't hated nearly as much as this one was and there's kind of good reason for it. Because from April 1st to April 13th, this event was incredibly disruptive. You would find eggs in the water when you try to fish, you'd find them in rocks when you try and get resources, you'd find them from trees, you'd find them in balloons constantly. Nintendo knew this event was designed a bit poorly as fans didn't enjoy it, it didn't mesh well with the theme of Animal Crossing which is very chill and relaxed. So they made it so that every event that came after this one was not nearly as intrusive as this one was. Perhaps Nintendo could change the bunny day for 2021. 

bunny day

You can't time travel to this event in 2021, meaning it is currently time-locked. You can time travel back to it, you can't time travel forward. They easily could put out an update so that when the date of April 13th comes out, maybe the bunny day would just appear on April 13th, rather than having this long build-up, that would work a lot better. Maybe they could even just decrease the rates of how often you get eggs, that would help a lot. But Nintendo could change the bunny day a little bit because it's the only event in the game that is this intrusive. Whether you feel it impeded upon your game progress or not or made things more annoying for you or maybe you love this event, there is no harm in them changing it up and improving it. 

#2 April Fool's Day & Blanca

There's one thing that bunny day kind of got rid of April fool's day. April fool's day usually will appear on April the 1st. But since the bunny day was running on that date, we didn't get April fool's day. This update could potentially introduce April fool's day back into the game again, especially if the bunny day does get toned down a little bit. It'd be fun we could see Blanca again! Maybe play the fun mini-game that we had in New Leaf where one of your villagers would be an impostor who of course was Blanca. And if you guessed the right one, using your knowledge of your favorite villagers, you could get their photographs easily. That was such a cool and unique event and we need to see that come back here in New Horizons. So this would be a perfect time.

#3 New Reactions

Another thing that could happen within this next update is more reactions. We do tend to see lots of reactions get added in most of the major updates. Perhaps we could see some Sanrio-themed ones. They don’t have to be overtly Sanrio-themed, maybe they could be cute like you do some cute poses and such, that'd be perfect for the people who are going to get these new outfits and want to pose with their new villagers. So there is no doubt that they could add maybe a few more of the new reactions. That will be a fun part of every update and it just gives you a little bit extra within these updates. 

villager reactions

#4 Free Gift

Finally, we have a bit of a crackpot theory here, but we want you to hear it because it could be possible. So since there might not be anything major for the anniversary, but there is one thing they could do for the anniversary to kind of celebrate it in a low-key way. and that's the gift for this update will be related to the game's anniversary. With every update, they give us a gift. Nintendo sends one in the mail, they've done that with every single update. However, we can't imagine them sending a Sanrio item in the mail, because these are exclusive to the Amiibo cards and they want people to go out there and buy them. There are also no other items that come to mind that they could add, the only thing we could think of is the Kiki And Lala Wand, which is pretty unique compared to the other items. But honestly, the gift for this update is going to be something related to the anniversary. It'd be cool if it was a little box art of the game or something like that.

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