ACNH E3 Announcement Predictions - Animal Crossing E3 Possible New Features In New Horizons
5/29/2021 4:32:11 PM

Animal Crossing New Horizons is missing an unacceptable amount of features. Animal Crossing New Horizons did introduce a whole set of new features that have never been seen previously in other Animal Crossing games. features like terraforming, villager hunting, DIY crafting, and a whole lot of new items. but this came at the expense of Nintendo leaving out a lot of features from previous Animal Crossing games, that Animal Crossing players have come to expect to be in each mainline Animal Crossing game. and while we love Animal Crossing, this is a little upsetting that Nintendo did leave out a lot of features. but with this upsetness also comes optimism. Nintendo might do right by its fans and add in these features that are previously missing. since e3 is coming up in June. we expect Nintendo to release a new update to Animal Crossing New Horizons and announce it during this convention. 

New Feature Predictions 1 - The Cabin

Nintendo might announce the return of the cabin. including captains island and mini-games. in Animal Crossing New Leaf, which is the previous game to Animal Crossing New Horizons. players were able to get into a boat with the captain himself and take a short boat ride over to an island. this island was very different than the islands we see today in New Horizons. this island was not deserted, in fact, it already has a small building standing on it, which serves as a home base for the captain and his family. here we can interact with all of his family members including his wife, daughter, and his mother. players could interact with all three of these characters and each offered unique gameplay. the Tortimer island was mainly known for players going there at night and catching rare and expensive beetles. the music in New Leaf was so relaxing and it'd be great just to go there and catch beetles all night long.

New Feature Predictions 2 - Mini Games

New Horizons is missing any type of built-in mini game. all players have is New Horizons main game and that's it. there are no secret mini games you can access. in New Leaf, you could go talk to Leilani and she would have a menu of mini games that you could choose from to play. there's a huge variety of mini games from shooting down balloons to catching fireflies at night. also, there's one mini game where you run around and hit a lawnmower with a hammer. they could take what they already have from all the gameplay built already for New Leaf and put it into New Horizons. these games were the epitome of New Leaf. you can even be playing these games in multiplayer mode in New Leaf. you could have your friends come over and visit your town and then you could all hop in the boat with the captain take a little boat ride over to Tortimer island and play these mini games together. the games may seem a little boring on their own, but playing together with friends made the experience so much worthwhile. and yet nothing like this seems to be in New Horizons. this would be a great incentive for Nintendo to get people to buy Nintendo online. from a business, standpoint wouldn't more subscriptions of Nintendo online make Nintendo more money?

New Feature Predictions 3 - Fence Customization

Another feature that's missing an Animal Crossing New Horizons is this mysterious white picket fence that appeared in the official trailer of Animal Crossing New Horizons. we have no clue why an item that was promoted in the official trailer of this game is nowhere to be found in the actual game. this is very suspicious, there's a secret to this fence, it's promising something more. but it could be Nintendo might be teasing us with it. in the game right now, we have the wooden version of this picket fence, which is beige normal wood color. but yet this white fence is so pretty and nice and fits perfectly with the Animal Crossing vibe. let’s hope it will make an appearance in New Horizons at some point. there have been rumors that fence customization may be added into the game, this would make perfect sense since the fences are already DIY items. if you have experimented with other DIY items, you know that a lot of them can be customized with customization boxes. if the fence has a DIY item, why wouldn't it also get that opportunity to be customized with customization boxes? 

New Feature Predictions 4 - New Furniture Sets 

Another huge thing missing from New Horizons is furniture sets. we already have lots of DIY furniture sets, we have some furniture sets that you can get from nooks, but New Horizons is missing out on some of the key iconic Animal Crossing furniture sets. we’re hoping that Animal Crossing developers didn't finish the new sets like the princess collection from New Leaf before the game was released back in March 2020. they already have all the ideas, it's not like we're asking Nintendo to create more furniture sets, they already have the designs for all these furniture sets, all we want is for them to put them back into New Horizons. if they do add these furniture sets back in, they need to have some way for players to buy them. because these fancy furniture sets wouldn't work being sold in nooks, which also leads to a nook expansion. because in Animal Crossing New Leaf, you could upgrade your nook's cranny to T&T Emporium, which was this grandeur nook department store with three levels with all the fancy furniture being sold by Gracie on the third floor. we are hoping that when they do introduce these new furniture sets back into New Horizons at E3, it also comes with an announcement of nook expansion. because we only had one expansion going from nook's cranny to a slightly nicer nook's cranny.

New Feature Predictions 5 - Brewster’s Return

Last but not least, we have to talk about Brewster. where is Brewster? Brewster was in Wild World, City Folk, and New Leaf, but yet he's mysteriously not in the newest Animal Crossing game of New Horizons. where is he? what is happening? this is another iconic character NPC of Animal Crossing, but he is nowhere to be found. but luckily there have been data mines showing that there is room in the museum for a cafe. this does mean we will get Brewster back.


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