ACNH Wedding Season Update 2021 - New Items, Changes, End-Time & How To Get The Maximum Amount Of Heart Crystals
5/31/2021 10:26:05 AM

Tomorrow will be the start of June which may include more events surprises, and the wedding season is one of them. In this guide, we're discussing the Wedding Season update 2021 and taking a look at all of the changes to the event compared to last year as well as going over all of the details you should know including the wedding season start & end date, new items for Wedding Season ACNH 2021, and the easiest way to earn the maximum amount of Heart Crystals in Animal Crossing Wedding event 2021.


Animal Crossing New Horizons Wedding Season Update 2021 

Thanks to the most recent update that bought New Horizons up to version 1.10. The wedding season that debuted in Animal Crossing last year is returning for 2021 and will run for a second year like many of the major holiday events. This year the Wedding Season has been slightly refreshed to encourage veteran players to take part with something new to look forward to whilst bringing everything back from the previous event for new players. Now read on this article and we highlight all new items that were added in the latest version 1.10 update and how to purchase them, including some limited-time Wedding Season clothing items from the Ables Sisters, and seasonal items from the Nook Stop.

Wedding Season Event Date - How Does Wedding Season Work 

  • What's The Wedding Event Start & End Date: Just like last year the wedding season is a month-long event running from June 1st through to June 30th and takes place on Harvest island in short. 

  • What Is Wedding Season & How Does Wedding Event Work? Reese and Cyrus stop by to celebrate their wedding anniversary, and for the duration of the event players are able to decorate the cabin on their behalf in a variety of wedding themes set out by Reese to help them with their photo shoot by taking part in the event and decorating the perfect wedding venue. Every day, players can earn limited-time wedding-themed items as well as heart crystals which are basically a type of currency that can be used to trade for even more wedding furniture items. The more days you take part, the more wedding items you unlock and the more heart crystals you can earn. 

ACNH Wedding Season Items & Rewards - How To Get

The wedding-themed items available by taking part in the actual event are the same as last year and include:

- The Wedding Arch 

- The Wedding Bench 

- The Wedding Cake

- The Wedding Candle Set

- The Wedding Chair 

- The Wedding Decoration

- The Wedding Flower Sand

- The Wedding Head Table 

- The Wedding Pipe Organ 

- The Wedding Welcome Board 

- The Reese and Cyrus Photo Plate

- The Wedding Fence 

- The Wedding Wand

ACNH wedding season new items 2021

Wedding Season Clothing & Furniture Items

In addition to the furniture items, there's a whole bunch of interior and clothing items available including:

- The Blue Wedding Rug

- The Brown Wedding Flooring and Wall 

- The Green Wedding Flooring and Wall 

- The Red Wedding Rug 

- The Wedding Party Wall 

- The White Wedding Flooring Rug and Wall 

- The Bridal Veil 

- The Wedding Dress

- The Wedding Pumps 

- The Wedding Shoes 

- The Wedding Tuxedo

This is by far the largest themed furniture and clothing set in probably any AC game and for the most part, can all be bought from Cyrus by exchanging heart crystals once unlocked with the exception of the plate, fence and wand that are given to players as recipes on the sixth and seventh consecutive days. 

How To Get Heart Crystals In Wedding Event 2021

There's no real strategy to taking part in earning heart crystals, you can literally decorate the cabin. The single best tip is to simply place some walls, flooring and rugs, then cover the walls in the wall decoration. This will yield the best score rewarding you with the maximum number of heart crystals while still keeping Reese and Cyrus happy. Just be sure to match the correct color scheme Reese tells you every day.

ACNH Wedding Season Changes 2021 - New Limited Clothing Items 

The actual wedding season itself that takes place on Halves island is the same event from last year with the exact same rewards we mentioned earlier. However, thanks to the latest 1.10 update, the Wedding Season does have some new additions which is great for those who have already taken part last year. For the duration of the 2021 Wedding Season event in Animal Crossing New Horizons, some new limited time seasonal clothing items are available including the Shiromuku, the Tsunokakushi and the white Hakama with crest which are all available from the Able Sisters from June 1st through to June 30th and are perfect for formal parties and wedding celebrations. Furthermore, if all of the wedding finish and seasonal clothing items weren't enough, some new seasonal items are available for the first time this year at the Nook Stop including the Nuptial Bell, the Nuptial Door Plate, the Nuptial Ring Pillow and the Flower Petal Basket which everyone is super excited about. All of these seasonal items will also be available for the entire month. 

How To Get New Wedding Items & Earn The Maximum Amount Of Heart Crystals

If you want to unlock all of the items and earn enough heart crystals to buy them, once you learn how to quickly decorate the cabin, it only takes 5 minutes every day and if you do the wall decoration trick you should easily earn enough heart crystals. Just remember that some of these items can be customized later on and will require some additional heart crystals. So it's worth earning as many as you can while the event is live.

That's everything you need to know about the ACNH 2021 Wedding Season and all of the Wedding Season changes including the new ACNH items added for this year's event. What do you think about the wedding season 2021? Did you take part last year but plan on taking part again or are you just excited for some new Nook Stop items?


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