Best ACNH Pier Design Ideas & Codes - 10 Ways To Decorate Your Pier & Boardwalk In Animal Crossing
6/11/2021 2:45:54 PM

Whether it’s for finishing, diving or simply taking a stroll along the sandy beaches, the pier & boardwalk play a significant role in distinguishing your island's uniqueness. So if you are finding cool ideas for your coastal landscapes, these amazing ACNH pier & boardwalk ideas may give you some inspiration! Check out the custom codes for pier in Animal Crossing New Horizons. 

10 Best ACNH Pier & Boardwalk Design Ideas - Ways To Decorate Your Pier

1. Swing And Campsite Pier

This is just so precious. The little shoes on the ground look like a mustard bottle, but the little frog on the bench precious and these swings just look so good. These swings are so beautiful and this is a great representation of how to make your pier stand alone. As you can see the beaches aren't decorated yet, but this already looks incredible. So you don't necessarily have to theme the pier around the beach beside it. 

2. Colorful Pier ACNH

Another pro tip is that you can 100% theme your peer along with the beach that it borders. This pier is so colorful, it's so bright and happy and this build is stunning, the beach itself looks so good and you can just imagine like family time here on the carnival beach. It has also an abandoned vibe because of these flowers that have been planted, the light greenery, all of the pink is so nice, it's a nice change.

3. Best Pier Design - DA-5864-1100-8103 

Next we have this lovely quaint vibe going on here with Marshall's house, this is so well done. The Sanrio furniture here is incredible and swings are gorgeous, look stunning and really match match the sky. Look at those like crates in the background, the silo in the distance looks so good, adds a nice element of height to the background which would otherwise just be like the flat sky, but this gives it so much depth and dimension and the pier is so cute.

4. Amazing Per Design Code - DA-5912-3762-4169

This pier incorporated two of the tents. They incorporated the first year anniversary cake for Animal Crossing, they look so cute with little bears and just to the side there is a surf shop. The pier is certainly fits the vibe with the colorfulness and it just looks so cute with the little beach shop.

5. Mini Pier Design Code- DA-6606-8197-2084

It looks almost like a mini spa out on the dock. Imagine vacationing here and just being able to take a nice bath in the sun. You could also picture it as a hot tub. The overgrown vibes on the beach felt like a solo little vacation spot where you'd go to really get away from people and from the busyness of a city. This was just a stunning vibe going on here, also could be a couples retreat based on the little lounge chairs.

6. Best Pier Design Code - DA-8557-8493-4239

This pier is an exceptional example of linking the pier to the beach. Look at the pier pathway that the creator has made along with the lanterns on either side, the transition is a great blend. Also, there were fences here on the beach which looked great. The beach as a whole was just so well done. There's also an outdoor bath and a lounge area over here. This ACNH pier is really great. 

7. ACNH Best Design Code - DA-2838-3866-5196

This pier like side beach. The little birthday party is so cute. But moving forward to the pier itself, this creator used a very clever technique which is to make it a painting spot, a little painting spot over the ocean. They put the fruit basket on the table and then that painting too from the museum that specific one with the fruit basket. The journal on this stool also gives you the feeling that this is an artist.

8. ACNH Decorate Your Pier - DA-3579-2029-5946

If you're trying to find inspiration for your peers to decide on a color theme for that section of your island, this creator basically does this all over their island. It's yellow heaven, it's amazing but specifically in this area you can see how many yellow items come into play here. In addition to the yellow flowers, the pathing, everything fits together immaculately obviously and the color is just really the unifying factor here. It really ties everything together and it helps find inspiration for Animal Crossing items for the pier.

9. Animal Crossing New Horizons Pier Design Code - DA-0642-4650-1120

This creator used the house for color coordination. This is Mary's house and as you can see all of the furniture definitely fits with the color theme for her house, the Mermaid furniture here is great, it looks so beautiful. Also with that little blanket on the ground they match up just perfectly and this extends onto the beach as well. You can see all of the precious little pink details, it looks amazing and it's an easy way to find a spot for a villager house. Just put them near something that will help you decorate inspiration for the win. 

10. Boardwalk & Pier Design ACNH

We've got like sewing set up on the pier and the color pops are so cute, we've got red a lot here as a theme and it looks so pretty especially with the contrast of the ocean The colors are so vibrant, also the plants give it a nice touch. It's nice to add greenery whenever you can.


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