ACNH Seasonal Items (Events) 2021 - All Animal Crossing New Horizons Seasonal Items 2021 List & Update

6/10/2021 4:33:39 PM

The celebration of Animal Crossing New Horizons events works a little bit different in 2021. As you can see, some activities have been canceled and instead, a number of Nook Shopping seasonal items have been added to the game, allowing players to purchase these items during a limited period of time. In this article, we’ll go through all ACNH seasonal items 2021, check out the calendar to make sure you will not miss it. 

acnh seasonal items 2021

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All Animal Crossing New Horizons Seasonal Items (Events) 2021 List & Update

You can find exclusive holiday-themed ACNH items for sale inside the seasonal tab of the Special Good section in Nook Shopping, for celebrating different seasonal events based on the festivals across the world, such as Mother’s Day, Children’s Day, and more. Here is a complete list of all ACNH seasonal events 2021, when will they occur and what items you can purchase from Nook Shopping. Note: the items available in Nook’s Cranny and Able Sisters not listed here. 

ACNH Seasonal Items & Events January 2021 (Confirmed)

1. ACNH New Year's Day (January 1 to January 15)

2021 Celebratory Arch

Olivier Salad

Zodiac Ox Figurine

Yut Nori

2. ACNH Shōgatsu (January 1 to January 15)



New Year's Shimekazari

ACNH Seasonal Items & Events February 2021 (Confirmed)

1. ACNH Big Game (January 15 to February 15)

Football Rug

Football Cheer Megaphone

Fiery Cheer Megaphone

Starry Cheer Megaphone

Glittery Cheer Megaphone

2. ACNH Setsubun or Bean Throwing Festival (January 25 to February 3)

Bean-Tossing Kit

3. ACNH Groundhog Day (January 25 to February 2)

Resetti Model

4. ACNH Valentine's Day (February 1 to February 14)

Chocolate Heart

Heart-Shaped Bouquet

5. ACNH Lunar New Year (February 10 to February 17)

Lucky Red Envelope 

Lunar New Year Decoration

6. ACNH Korean New Year (February 10 to February 17)

Bokjumeoni Lucky Pouch


ACNH Seasonal Items & Events March 2021 (Confirmed)

1. ACNH Hinamatsuri Festival (February 25 to March 3)


Blossom Lantern

2. ACNH Pi Day (March 1 to March 14)

Π pie

3. Shamrock Day (March 10 to March 17)

Shamrock Rug

Shamrock Soda

Shamrock Doorplate

ACNH Seasonal Items & Events April 2021 (Confirmed)

1. ACNH April Fool’s Day (March 26 to April 1)

Whoopee Cushion

2. ACNH Prom Night (April 1 to April 30)

Prom flooring

Prom wall

Prom crown

Prom sash

3. ACNH Sinimogi or Tree Planting Day (April 1 to April 10)


4. Nature Day (April 15 to April 22)

Cool Globe 

ACNH Seasonal Items & Events May 2021 (Confirmed)

1. ACNH Children's Day (April 28 to May 5)

Carp Banner

Newsprint Helmet

2. ACNH Mother's Day (May 1 to May 31)

Thank-You Mom Mug


3. ACNH Cheese Rolling Day (May 22 to May 31)

Double Gloucester Cheese

ACNH Seasonal Items & Events June 2021 (Confirmed)

1. ACNH International Children’s Day (June 1 to June 15)

Handmade crown

Handmade cape

2. ACNH Father’s Day (June 1 to June 30)

Thank-you Day mug

Thank-you Day apron

3. ACNH Wedding Season (June 1 to June 30)

Nuptial Bell

Nuptial Ring Pillow

Nuptial Doorplate

Flower-Petal Basket

4. ACNH Dragon Boat Festival (June 5 to June 14)

Festival Zongzi

5. ACNH Dano Festival (June 5 to June 14)

Surichwi Tteok

6. ACNH Solstice (June 15 to June 21)

Sunflower Crown and Sunflower Rug (Northern Hemisphere)

Mid-Winter Sweater and Aurora Wall (Southern Hemisphere)

ACNH Seasonal Items & Events July 2021 (Confirmed)

1. ACNH Tanabata (July 1 to July 31)

Bamboo Grass 

2. ACNH Marine Day (July 8 to July 22)

Ship-Wheel Door Decoration

3. ACNH Le 14 Juillet (July 10 to July 20)

Phrygian Cap

ACNH Seasonal Items August 2021 (Confirmed)

1. ACNH Cowboy Festival (July 15 to August 15)

Rodeo-Style Springy Ride-on

2. ACNH Cowherd & Weaver Girl Day (August 5 to August 14)

Orihime Outfit

Hikoboshi Outfit

3. ACNH Obon (August 10 to August 16)

Cucumber Horse 

Eggplant Cow  

ACNH Seasonal Items September 2021 (Confirmed)

1. ACNH Grape Harvest Festival (September 1 to September 30)

Grape-Harvest Basket

2. ACNH Moon-Viewing Day (September 12 to September 21)


Moon Cakes

Moon Rug

3. ACNH Chuseok (September 12 to 21)


ACNH Seasonal Items October 2021 (Confirmed)

1. ACNH Day of the Dead (October 25 to November 3)

Marigold Decoration

ACNH Seasonal Items November 2021 (Confirmed)

1.  ACNH Lantern Festival (November 1 to 11)

Handheld Lantern

2.  ACNH Shichi-Go-San (November 11 to 20)

Chitose Ame

ACNH Seasonal Items December 2021

1. ACNH New Year’s Eve (December 26 to December 31)

Sparkling Cider

New Year's Noodles


Twelve-Grape Dish

Based on all the free updates of ACNH 2021, the seasonal items 2021 in Animal Crossing New Horizons Nook Shopping have been listed here. Please note the final item name is subject to the game. We'll keep refreshing this page according to the new game updates.

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