Animal Crossing 1.11.1 Update 2021 - Harv’s Island Glitch, Halloween Items & DIY Recipes And More
8/10/2021 6:02:48 PM

Animal Crossing has a surprise update today and we get to explore it! no one didn't even think this was gonna happen, but the ac waits for nobody. did they fix the Halloween editions? were those new Halloween DIY items truly a trick or were they supposed to be a treat? did they fix the clouds that were failing to appear during certain seasons for some players? all that is coming right now in version 1.11.1, let’s see what has been updated!


The Harv’s Island Glitch Fixed

the first thing we need to figure out is do they fix our friend Harv, the yoga sensei himself with the most important island in the game. recently we find that harvest island was glitched, because they had you put in all sorts of items that you don't own, so this has been patched. it was a glitch where it was only giving you a weird default colorway and not the variance that you own and we can check and confirm this by going to the simple panel drink machine has been fixed.


DIY Recipes

Next, let’s see if they took out the Halloween items or if those are still in there. a lot of people thought it was a mistake when 1.11 came out or it was purposeful. we'll find out Nintendo's true intent, but let's also check our DIY recipes. previously, the DIY lists were sorted poorly, but now it's sorting alphabetical or it can be sorted by obtained. and also at the top of the list will be your Halloween DIY. so both of the bugs have been fixed. these bugs were the things that have been addressed in the animal crossing community, and the game development team has listened to our feedback and fixed them accordingly.


Nook’s Cranny

Now we're on the trail of nooks cranny to see if they have fixed the fact that the beautiful orchestral soundtrack at closing time was not appearing. and of course, they did! the lovely closing time song that will be in here when it's 9:50. Nintendo did it again! However, they did not fix the DIY cards that can no longer come back with you to the island, because that was intentional. Nintendo did mean to make it so you cannot bring unobtainable DIY back with you. things like the trash bag, the bunny day outfits, cannot be taken. they can be learned at another island, but they cannot be in card form taken back with you. that was purposeful.


Halloween Items

And now it's time to find out if they were purposeful with the Halloween items. if you are time-traveling to October and see if Timmy and Tommy still have the Halloween goodies out because if they do, we'll know that Nintendo meant to give us this greatness and say hello the spooky moon strikes early in 2021. let's see any of those spooky kooky items waiting for us, hoping it’s the new ones and not the old ones. and it appears to be the new spooky lantern in the nooks cranny, so this means it was on purpose. Nintendo did mean to descend some holiday cheer on to us in August, they brought them on purpose, because they had a chance in this patch to erase and they chose not to, these items are still purchasable from Timmy and Tommy. the DIY is still in the game. this tells us that Nintendo wanted to bring Halloween early, which makes you wonder what do they have planned for actual fall?


We have to imagine it is that fun update we've been waiting for with our feathered friend. but we don't need to talk about the cafe or brewster today. the fact that they made a nice little adjustment to the game, fixing Harv's island problem, the DIY problem, and nook's cranny terrible silence problem, and confirming to all of us once and for all those Halloween items were on purpose. so that is what we've got in the animal crossing 1.11.1 update!


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