Best ACNH Farm Design Ideas In Autumn 2021 - Top 9 Autumn & Fall Island Ideas For Animal Crossing New Horizons

8/16/2021 3:21:11 PM

Half of August has passed, and as we are approaching autumn & fall, harvest season is almost with us! What better way to celebrate autumn than by creating a farm for your island! Today, we put together 9 different farms to give you some inspiration to create something beautiful on your Animal Crossing autumn island. There's a whole bunch of themes and styles as to the way creators have done their farms and what they're building. Let’s get straight into these 9 best ACNH farm designs & codes 2021 (Shared by Youtuber Fleurs Crossing)!

2021 Best ACNH Farm Design Ideas - Top 9 Autumn & Fall Island Ideas Codes

1. Cotton Farm For Autumn ACNH 2021

The cotton farm for Animal Crossing fall island decoration is created by Ellibuilds and we are in a cotton field, this is amazing. The white flowers are beautiful, when you see it like this on a farm, it's absolutely adorable. The fact that the creator has mixed in lots of things in between as well those little details, really do make that difference. So we've got some weeds, there's some custom designs, you've got the watering can, the fence, the little tree which is so cute and the bird cages and the windmills. They're perfect in this area. So as you can see the creator has mixed up between the light and the dark dirt and then if you come to the back of the farm, she's got a little kind of seating area with the silo and obviously a sheep as well. It looks perfect in the autumn and it's a different idea on a farm, it's not your generic pumpkin farm, that's not a bad thing. But if you're looking for something different or some variation on your farm court island, then this is a great one to go for.

2. Berry Farm For Autumn ACNH 2021 - DA-8692-2800-2304

This is a berry farm for autumn & fall in ACNH. The strawberry patch is located on the shores of the island and that's because the flowers stunt when they're on the sand which is really nice, because then you can make little kind of berry patches. We've got strawberry patches, but obviously you can do it with blueberries and with the blue flowers and she's just lined up her strawberries here and then she's got the little dirt tracks in between, which is a really nice touch. And then she's got some farming Animal Crossing items, the hand cut, the shovel, the saplings and the red watering can which matches with the strawberries. And then we we have the little stool set up where she's got the red kitchen scales which is a really nice touch for weighing out the strawberries and the fruit for sale. The addition of the red bouquet just to tie in that red color a little bit more, the sign as well, it's a really really cute sign. 

3. Tulip Farm For Autumn ACNH - DA-8559-6098-9939

All the little details on this farm autumn ACNH are so stunning. We have a pink tulip dropped and you have huge field full of pink tulips which is just so gorgeous. The windmill cover dutch inspiration here and she's put the lighthouse and then the wind turbine out front. The use of the balloons are so romantic,  they're a great addition for the game. The touches of the pink petals and the flower crates are really nice. The path snaking through is a great addition as well and then there is a stool with the clogs and the Russian dolls is really adorable as well. It's just a great area, there's so many little things throughout it which if you don't give it a proper inspection then you would definitely miss flowers.

4. Spooky Pumpkin Patch

Farms and pumpkin patches are a great way to transform parts of your island into a more fall-themed area and this spooky pumpkin patch is exactly what you want for your fall island 2021! This autumn island is created by alex.crossing_islands, it’s amazing, it’s the creation of Halloween beauty. The creator would show you kind of a different spookier take on a pumpkin patch. The entrance comes complete with a pumpkin carving area. You've got all the lanterns and things, lit up and then you lead back to pick your own pumpkin patch.The orange pumpkins together are great, she's mixed it up with the lanterns candles. You've got the growing pumpkins, the dropped pumpkinsand they look great. She's used the spooky fence to incorporate it all in. You would necessarily associate with a farm, but it works really well. The backdrop of the area is perfect as well. You've got the silos, the ACNH trees and then those wind turbines which are a great addition. So this is the most spookiest farm.

5. Corn Farm Idea For Animal Crossing Autumn Island Decoration 2021

The corn farm design for Animal Crossing autumn island decoration 2021 was created by Beckers10520. There is a combine harvesters in the left field, the weeds look like something that would be growing in a field and the nice pops of blue break it up really nicely. If you just cross the autumn weeds over, there is another combine harvester, it's got some tracks which is just perfect. The use of the yellow hyacinths represent the corn on the cob, that's a great touch and the creator has got some more weeds, she's got some custom designs on the pat on the floor which make it look like they've been harvested, but it's a great way to fill a large space. If you're struggling for ideas and you want to create a farm island, then why not go ahead and put a nice crop farm down and add in some farm machinery?

6. Lavender Farm For Autumn ACNH - DA-3132-0365-3956

This is a lavender farm for autumn in Animal Crossing 2021. There are natural looking hyacinths placed in a diagonal fashion like the creator has really utilized the space up against the beach. And then you've got the lovely waterfall with that simple panel design which looks like a mill just next to the building. Look at the little kind of cut out sandy design where she's got the stone walls with the vines around the doorway, and then in the back she's put some panels down and the blue roof really complements it as well. And then you've got some little natural details which are very fitting to the area with the brick well, the tree stump, the artisanal bug cage and she's also incorporated a bit of an aperi as well with the bee hives. The bees would absolutely enjoy all the lovely smelling lavender and the lavender sign at the front. You can also see the windmills in the background as well.

7. Stables & Sunflower - DA-1875-4951-6664

The autumn island of sunflower which was created byHoneylandHorizon. And on this island, you can pick out her stables, the whole of this island is absolutely amazing and pure, provides amazing inspiration if you wanted to do a farm cottage. The little horse area is so cute, where she's got the hay bales and the springy ride on horses and the little details that are there. You can see the stable as well, you can just see the horses peeking through and they've got their bottle of water, some grass, it just looks really rustic and she's managed to incorporate a roof as well by adding the solar panels on the back, which is a really clever addition because otherwise you wouldn't get that effect of the rooftop. She's also done another stable up for the donkey, this one's slightly different but it's really adorable as well and it works perfectly. With that rustic farm feel, it would be a great addition to any kind of farm island.

8. Flower Farm Design For ACNH Autumn Island 2021 - DA-6190-7015-3441

We're on the island of willow which was created by Instrumentll. The creator has created an adorable little flower farm and a garden shed as well. These custom designs are really cute, you’ve got the matching door with the matching stool roof and also the kind of details that are on the panels with the garden tools and the little flower bed on the right hand side which is really cute. And then for the garden shed, she's popped in some little plants so that you can see them when you look through the cut out standee. We've got a scarecrow, a silo and some other farmy bits. So you've got the wooden bucket, the hand cart, etc and the Animal Crossing flowers. These just go really well together the whites with the green mums, it's a great color palette, if you're stuck for ideas, the green mums are hard to come by but they're definitely worth it when you do get them. The addition of the barbed wire fence is a really nice touch as well. 

9. Vineyard On The Beach - DA-3446-750-7583

The creator has created a vineyard on the beach. She used is the purple mums and they've stunned on the beach and then she's added the dirt track in between as a way to walk through. And then the idea of sitting amongst the grapes enjoying some wine doing a little bit of tasting and so she's put the table and the chairs amongst the flowers and you've got the fizzy apple. We have the stool with some grapes and some cheese which obviously makes the perfect pairing for your wine. The barrels are perfect to store the wine in, so great little touches.

That’s all 9 farm design ideas in Animal Crossing New Horizons autumn 2021. What types of farms do you like for your ACNH autumn island decoration?


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