Animal Crossing New Horizons - UPDATE NEWS This Week
9/13/2021 3:35:29 PM

Now the internet is rampant with rumors discussions leaks and more about an upcoming Nintendo direct which should happen sometime in September and could even be as soon as next week now this is incredibly exciting.

Now what we're all waiting for is a big update announcement for Animal Crossing New Horizons that's the main one that animal crossing fans want to know about and it seems like it could be more possible than ever for us to see some kind of update announcement at this point in September 

Animal Crossing New Horizons update combing

There's a lot of rumors and supposed leaks going around about a Nintendo direct happening at some point in September and possibly even next week, as basically seen Nintendo directs happen every September 

Of course, one major exception would be 2020, but that's kind of to be expected now,  it's been a little while since the last Nintendo direct with the last one happening during E3.

So there's a nice enough gap for them to come out with another one,  and there are a lot of important games coming out at the moment that Nintendo will want to talk about, and this would seem like a perfect time for them to announce.

A bigger more significant update for animals crossing new horizons,  now of course did go through the disappointment of e3 of not seeing any announcements, but in retrospect that actually makes a lot more sense e3 isn't usually for announcing updates for games and clearly, they did not have anything ready at that point, but with Nintendo's announcements that they are working on more content for the game, it does seem very likely that they are continuing to develop more significant updates for animal crossing new horizons, rather than the smaller ones that saw in the latest two, this could mean that September would be a great time for Nintendo to come out with an announcement for animal crossing new horizons.

If they do decide to put out a direct this month, which is incredibly likely given what seen from the past now, of course as you all know by now Nintendo decided to add Halloween content and November seasonal items ahead of time within the latest update, which many people found to be quite an unusual move and personally speaking.

They would use the Nintendo directly to announce a much smaller update like this, it would honestly seem quite pointless, and they'd go the route of doing it through Twitter like seen many times before and the Nintendo website blog section honestly haven't seen a trailer for animal crossing new horizons in ages, because guess Nintendo didn't want to let people down by doing a trailer for a really small update.

So if we do see a bigger update announce we'll definitely expect to see some kind of trailer which would be really exciting after all of this time so even if Nintendo doesn't decide to announce an 

update during this potential September direct, basically guaranteed to see an update sometime in early September, but of course, it won't be a proper update, it'll just be even a minor patch to bring in these new items that we need and Halloween of course and also for Nintendo to maybe go on their social media and mention that these news items exist.

For some reason they didn't announce them at all in their last blog post, when this update actually happened after that point, it would mean the need to see another update, sometime in very early November or late October in order for them to bring back turkey day and toy day to the game which is not programmed in for 2021.

Why do they need to promote Animal Crossing New Horizons? This is one of their best-the sales game is basically the best-selling Nintendo Switch game, it has been launched for more than a year, why only promote it because of the seasonal changes, maybe they might Will decide to make a bigger announcement, but I do think that if they do launch a major update, there must be some connection between the two.

To promote Animal Crossing New Horizons again, I do think that when we finally see bigger updates, Nintendo will use many opportunities to promote the game. These updates are a very good selling point for the game because new players can know that the game is free More content will be updated over time, so when they buy, they have more expectations and reasons to continue playing.

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