ACNH Fall (September, October, November) Update 2021 - Fall Update & Changes In Animal Crossing
9/15/2021 2:28:39 PM

The season of fall is happening right now in Animal Crossing New Horizons. FallAs it's beginning to start in the real world as well for those of us in the northern hemisphere. Animal Crossing New Horizons fall updates bring cool changes throughout the full months, there are not only seasonal materials, ACNH items, and DIY recipes to collect, but also fun seasonal events you can participate in. Follow our ACNH fall (September, October, November) guide 2021, explain the autumn updates and changes that you can expect.



ACNH Fall (September, October November) Update 2021 - Events, Items & Changes In Animal Crossing

Fall is everyone’s favorite time of the year in Animal Crossing New Horizons when everything becomes dark red and orange. Throughout the Animal Crossing September update, your grass is going to be bright green color. It will slowly fade until the middle of November that's when things become the beautiful full imagery. You'll notice the trees around your island will be different shades of orange. Unfortunately, you don't get to enjoy the absolutely amazing scenery for that long, because soon after November, it's will start to snow on our island. Next, we are going to learn the new events, items, DIY recipes and more changes in Animal Crossing New Horizons autumn update in September, October, December.

ACNH Fall Update Events & Items 2021

Fall update 2021 in Animal Crossing New Horizons has two of the absolute best events. These are Halloween and Turkey day.


Time: October 31 

You can enjoy a Halloween day in Animal Crossing New Horizons which happens on October the 31st. You'll see the villagers going around in costumes asking for candy which you can collect from nooks cranny throughout the month. If you say no, they'll play lots of different tricks on you. Halloween will involve you grow in pumpkins. You can get quite a few different varieties of them as well. You use these to craft spooky items which your villagers will be crafted around your island. In 2021 Animal Crossing New Horizons did introduce some brand new spooky items for you to get from your villagers.

Turkey Day

Time: November 26

Turkey day happens on November, 26th from 9 am to midnight. Players can find Franklin near their Resident Services section, where he is next to a stovetop. It basically involves you gathering a bunch of different materials, you can craft dishes for your villagers to eat. You will receive Turkey Day DIY Crafting recipes and items afterward!

Crafting Materials And DIY Recipes In ACNH Fall Update 2021


There are a lot of seasonal items and materials for you to collect throughout the Animal Crossing September fall update. It starts on September the 1st, you can start to get pine cones and acorns from the trees around your island, you can simply shake the trees to get them, though they're not too easy to find. By doing so, you'll be able to craft a bunch of different items using them as materials. If you want to get the DIY recipes for the pine cones and acorns, the only to get them is from balloons. 


Sadly, there are no new seasonal materials throughout the month of October. But you can grow pumpkins throughout the entire year. 


Fortunately, the ACNH fall November update is when things really kick-off, with mushroom season happening. The DIY recipes of mushroom items will come from balloons unless you do decide to trade with someone. Besides, they do actually make a good profit. However, that's not the only new seasonal material you can get your hands on in November because even later on in November you'll be able to catch maple leaves using your net. The maple leaves just float around your island, they'll fall from the sky just like the cherry blossoms in cherry blossom season and the snowflakes in winter. They work exactly the same, you'll need to catch them to get the maple leaves. If you miss a few times, they will disappear. Once again, you'll need to find those DIY recipes from balloons. 

DIY Recipes For Acorn, Pine Cone & Maple Leave

Tree-branch Wand: Tree branch x 5, Star fragment x 3

Yellow-leaf Pile: Acorn x 3, Clump of weeds x 5

Pile of Leaves: Pinecone x 3, Clump of weeds x 3

Leaf Campfire: Pinecone x 3, Clump of weeds x 5, Tree branch x 3

Traditional Balancing Toy: Acorn x 4, Hardwood x 2

Tree’s Bounty Lamp: Acorn x 6, Clay x 4

Tree’s Bounty Little Tree: Pine cone x 6, Acorn x 4, Hardwood x 1

Tree’s Bounty Big Tree: Pine cone x 5, Acorn x 4, Maple leaf x 4, Tree branch x 8, Clay x 4

Tree’s Bounty Arch: Pine Cone x 4, acorn x 5, maple leaf x 5, tree branch x 15

Pine Bonsai Tree: Pin cone x 8, Clay x 5

Tree’s Bounty Mobile: Pine cone x 2, Acorn x 3, Tree Branch x 3

Acorn Pochette: Acorn x 6


DIY Recipes For Mushroom

Mush Low Stool: Round mushroom x 2

Forest Wall: Elegant mushroom x 2, Round mushroom x 2, Skinny mushroom x 2, Flat mushroom x 2, wood mushroom x 10

Forest Flooring: Rare mushroom x 1, Round mushroom x 2, Skinny mushroom x 2, Flat mushroom x 2, Clump of weeds x 10

Mush Log: Skinny mushroom x 2, Log stool x 1

Mush Parasol: Flat mushroom x 3

Mushroom Wreath: Tree branch x 10, Round mushroom x 1, Skinny mushroom x 1, Flat mushroom x 1

Mush Lamp: Skinny mushroom x 1, Clay x 5


Changes In ACNH Fall Update 2021

In the month of September, we will be saying goodbye to the hibiscus bushes. They will no longer be blooming around our islands. However, tea olive bushes will start to bloom. You can get some really nice autumn colors from and those bushes will last until the month of November when you'll start to see holly bush's bloom around your island. In addition, there are so many subtle changes that happen when the seasons change in Animal Crossing New Horizons. For example, you can expect to see Tom Nook and Isabelle wearing more warmer coats and jackets throughout the autumn months, as it starts to get colder and closer to winter. People might not have noticed is that the loading screen icon in the bottom right corner will actually change to match the fall season. Nook's cranny will also change as well, you'll get some more decorations both inside and outside.




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