Museum Observatory Is Coming To ACNH – Museum Upgrades & 2.0 Update Animal Crossing
9/30/2021 10:42:23 AM

The museum is going to be getting a new room observatory and more upgrades in the next Animal Crossing update when it releases in November. We'll be getting more information about this with the upcoming Animal Crossing direct. In this guide, we’ll be discussing all the information that you need to know about the ACNH museum observatory and more museum upgrades. 

ACNH Museum Observatory Is Coming – Museum Upgrades In 2.0 Update

It's been revealed that a new room will be added to the museum in the upcoming huge update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. However, there is actually potential that the museum could upgrade even further and looking at data mines and evidence from past Animal Crossing games and even what we've seen in this latest teaser for the next Animal Crossing update. It seems likely that we could see a further museum upgrade that might bring us back a really cool feature from past Animal Crossing games. Could one of them include the very popular Museum Observatory, ran by Celeste? Perhaps the Museum Shop could make a return as well? Let's take a look at the evidence!

Entrance For The Rooster 

Take a look at what the entrance for the rooster within the museum will look like in Animal Crossing New Horizons in the next update. It's pretty cool the way that they've done it, you go up the stairs and then there's a little room to the side where you can go into the roost, but a lot of players immediately noticed how unsymmetrical this actually looks. The museum actually does have a lot of symmetry to it currently yet right now when they upgrade the roost and they've got this room on the side, it's not going to look as symmetrical as it used to. Many people would rather have the roost than some symmetry, but it has made a lot of people wonder if perhaps they could add another room on the other side and think this is very possible. 

We have seen evidence within the game's code that they could have tinkered with other things related to the museum quite early on. In fact, it was discovered within the game's code that there was some hints towards a museum shop which may be something similar to what we saw back in Animal Crossing New Leaf. 

Museum Observatory ACNH

However, it's entirely possible that they could bring back another feature from past games which was incredibly popular and we actually didn't see an Animal Crossing New Leaf, and that would be the observatory which is run by Celeste now. If you didn't know the observatory – the really cool place where you could go and make constellations chat with Celeste anytime and just fawn over all the really cool stars and constellations in the sky. This was a really underrated feature at the time a lot of people didn't really seem to use it very much, but now looking back on it Celeste has become a much more popular character especially since New Leaf. 

It seems like people really want this feature to return and it definitely would make sense for it to come back in Animal Crossing New Horizons especially since Celeste doesn't really have too much to do. You do see her around your island giving you advice about shooting stars and giving you those DIY recipes, but it feels like such a shame that she's delegated just to doing that and she doesn't really do much else whereas in Animal Crossing Leaf she was in charge of running the museum shop.

Museum Shop

Now it does seem more likely that the museum shop is the one that could actually return because that's the one that we've seen the most evidence of in the game's code. However, that could have been something easily scrapped as it's not resurfaced in any recent updates and if they were going to show off another sort of building within the museum, within this update we would have seen it in the trailer. However, that doesn't mean that they won't save it for a future later update in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

People really want to see another room on the side of the museum and this would be a much welcome feature in a new Animal Crossing update, It certainly would be really great and we wouldn't be too surprised if Nintendo does add another room there whether it's the observatory or the museum shop, either way it would bring back that symmetry and it would mean the museum has so many upgrades. Just the fact the museum is getting another upgrade when you can already upgrade it multiple times from the tent and then adding the art exhibit.

More ACNH Museum Upgrades To Look Forward

We will see another upgrade for the museum at some point at least to make things more symmetrical and add another functionality there which could be really cool for the building. After all, the art exhibit really doesn't feel like much of an upgrade in itself because it was just a standard thing in the past Animal Crossing games, so having two proper upgrades, aka, the roost and then maybe another building would fit very well. Of course, we did see all of the code for Brewster, pop up more and more in the data mines for the game.

Do you love to see the observatory return to Animal Crossing New Horizons or maybe you’d prefer to see the museum shop which did allow you to make your own exhibits, so that could be a cool feature that returns. If you are looking to buy ACNH bells, akrpg could be your best choice. 


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