Animal Crossing New Horizons Pumpkin Guide-How To Grow Three Pumpkins Per Plant?
10/12/2021 10:59:15 AM

How to get max pumpkins in Animal Crossing New Horizon? Per plant pumpkins can be used to craft the spooky diys used to customize the color of these spooky diys, and can also be eaten if you want to dig up tree pumpkin plants spawn, either one-two or three pumpkins, per harvest having more pumpkins is the goal.

So if you want to get three pumpkins per harvest to maximize your pumpkin yield and save time. This guide can help you first you'll need some pumpkins to plant, you can buy pumpkin starts and nooks cranny in the cabinet, only during October for 280 bells, each you can buy them in singles or in groups of five, you can also buy pumpkin starts all year round at least stand in the plaza.

Be sure to stop by his garden stand, if you are in need of some pumpkins, you can buy pumpkin starts from Leif in singles or in groups of five, just like nook's cranny but Leif also sells his pumpkin starts for half of what nook charges, so you can save some bells ACNH and buy from Leif now that you have your pumpkins, it's time to start planting you can plant pumpkins not just on the grass, but on the dirt path and the dark dirt path, you can plant pumpkins in the sand, but just like weeds and flowers. They will not grow pumpkins can also grow year-round not just in the fall season.


How To Grow Three Pumpkins Per Plant?

# Understanding the growth circle

So they make a great year-round addition to your island, if you want to grow a maximum of three pumpkins per plant, it's important to understand the growth cycle of this plant pumpkins grow in four stages starting with day zero when you plant the pumpkin start and ending on day three with your fully grown pumpkin,

If you want to grow three pumpkins per plant instead of the sad lonely one pumpkin, you must pay attention to this cycle and water your pumpkins every day, starting on day zero which is when you plant the pumpkin start, if you miss a day of watering, you'll only get one or two pumpkins per harvest and that is not what we want to make watering your pumpkins easier. 

To obtain the golden watering

To obtain the golden watering which can water nine plants at once,  this will make watering all your pumpkins every day go much faster, if you don't have the golden watering can check out how to get every golden tool. It does require you to get to a 5-star island, some tips to achieve that 5-star rating.

let's say something comes up and you miss a day of pumpkin watering, unfortunately, if you want to grow three pumpkins per plant,  you'll have to wait until the plant fully grows harvest the pumpkins, then start the watering process over again, but there is good news since you had to pick the pumpkin to start the process over,  it will only take two days of water to get your plant fully grown instead of three.

Since basically skip day zero which is the day when you plant the pumpkin starch. There are fewer days you have to wait for the pumpkin to mature which means one less day, you have to worry about when watering your pumpkin plants, this is because when you harvest a pumpkin the plant is no longer considered a start anymore but is considered a pumpkin sprout pumpkins also come in the colors orange yellow-green and white.

Look what different colors of growing process pumpkin

It's random which color of pumpkin, you'll get when you plant from a start once the plant fully matures, and you see what color pumpkin you got that pumpkin plant will always produce that color of pumpkin no matter what, so for example this pumpkin start grew into a yellow pumpkin, so this plant will always be yellow and will only ever produce yellow pumpkins, even though this plant will only produce yellow pumpkins, it still can produce one two or three pumpkins per harvest, if you want to keep track of which pumpkins are which color in the growing process, you can download some cute pumpkin designs from the custom design portal in ables or from your design app on your nook phone.

Then just dig up your pumpkins, a little help Nintendo gave us is when you dig up a pumpkin sprout that's already been harvested at least,  once you'll be able to see which color of pumpkin that sprout will produce, if you dig it up and look at it in your pockets, this is great,  because if you have a bunch of sprouts you dug up and you want to organize them by color for when you replant them.

You can easily see which colors are which, and then once you've planted them back into the ground, you can use those cute pumpkin designs you downloaded from Abel's to mark which row of pumpkins is which color.

Pumpkin sprouts can lead to any color of pumpkin

This trick won't work if you have a pumpkin sprout that has never produced pumpkins yet, this would be the situation if you plant pumpkin starts, then let them grow for one or two days digging up,  those sprouts will just show as orange pumpkins in your pockets because the color of the pumpkins for that sprout has not yet been chosen by the game.

Each color of a pumpkin plant is only selected,  now remember pumpkin sprouts can lead to any color of pumpkin, not just orange now. This is why you have to let the pumpkin plant fully mature, at least once for the sprout icon in your pockets to match the color a pumpkin, it produces the game doesn't want you to know the color of pumpkin each pumpkin star will produce until the pumpkins are harvested, and then you can clearly see what color the plants produce instead of going through.

Control what color the pumpkin start produces

All that let's say you do want to be able to control what color the pumpkin start produces, there is a way to do this by planting fully grown pumpkins, if you want a certain pumpkin sprout to produce orange yellow-green or white pumpkins, you can plant a harvested pumpkin of that color into the ground and it will automatically turn into a sprout which will produce the same color of pumpkin you buried, this is super handy

If there's a color pumpkin you want for an area on your island or you just want a bunch of pumpkins, all in the same color to use to customize spooky items which requires a certain pumpkin color to turn a spooky item into the same color, for example, if you want a white spooky carriage, you need to harvest enough white pumpkins to satisfy the requirements for customization, then go to a DIY table and customize the spooky carriage with the white pumpkins, the spooky set is one of the few exceptions that doesn't use customization boxes to customize the color of items, this applies to the entire spooky set.

So if you're wanting to change the color of the spooky item you bought nooks cranny or you just want to change up the color for fun, having a well-supplied collection of pumpkins in every color in your storage is extremely helpful.

Especially for the spooky season and of course, wandering your pumpkin plants every day to produce three pumpkins per plant will help beef up your pumpkin supply even more.


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