Top 10 Most Popular Villagers For November 2021 In Animal Crossing - Best ACNH Villagers November 2021
12/2/2021 11:34:38 AM

Who will you be voting for in December? Today, we’ll take a look at the current top 10 most popular Animal Crossing New Horizons villagers for November 2021, which is going to be one of the first-ever lists because of the recent massive version 2.0 update for Animal Crossing New Horizons that 16 new villagers have joined our game and are already stealing the hearts of many Animal Crossing players. 


Animal Crossing New Horizons Tier List November 2021

Are your villagers part of the most popular villagers in Animal Crossing? Thanks to, we are able to see monthly updates about the most popular, most sought after and more importantly, most expensive top-tier Animal Crossing New Horizons villagers! This criteria is based on an online poll where you get to vote each and every month on which villagers you think to deserve to be top tier. 

The popularity is compiled into 6 tiers, with Villagers in the top tier being the most valuable/sought and worth between 10-20 million ACNH Bells, or 1,000 Nook Miles Tickets. While the list shows which villagers are the most popular. The popularity list will be updated twice a month, on the 15th and at the end of the month (30th or 31st), so that you may examine it at the appropriate time and make the best villager trade.

Tier List At A Glance (Updated 12/02)

Click here to check the full list of Animal Crossing villager popularity list and vote for November’s poll.

S-Tier: Super popular. Just about everyone wants them on their island.

A-Tier: A great villager. You should consider adding them to your island.

B-Tier: Above average.

C-Tier: Average villager.

D-Tier: Below average or awful. 

Villager tier list with values:

Tier 1 - Max worth 15-20M Animal Crossing Bells/1000 NMT

Tier 2 - Max worth 8M Bells/100 NMT

Tier 3 - Max worth 5M Bells/50 NMT

Tier 4 - Max worth 1 M Bells/25 NMT

Tier 5 - Max worth 250K Bells/10 NMT

November Top 10 Most Popular Villagers In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Now let's get into the top 10 most popular Animal Crossing New Horizons villagers for the month of November 2021! We explain what makes these sweet NPCs so rare, featuring Shino, Ankha, Marshal, Sasha, and more!

Top 10 - Coco

So far Coco is the only rabbit villager in Animal Crossing to have a normal personality and her name might allude to that of a coconut, a fruit stereotypically depicted with three holes. And her name also could be a reference to chocolate or the cocoa-based treat of chocolate bunnies. Coco is also one of the very few villages that don't technically look like an animal as her empty black eyes reference the appearance of those new amazing gyroids that we know and love. 

Top 9 - Judy

The next best ACNH popular villager for November 2021 belongs to the snooty cub born on March 10th Judy. With the original release of New Horizons, Judy was first introduced in Animal Crossing and hasn't appeared in any other title before. One of the reasons that she became so popular is due to her snooty personality, Judy enjoys the finer things in life and loves good gossip. Although her species is a cub, Judy is one of the most unique-looking villagers in Animal Crossing New Horizons as it is her eyes that most players fall in love with. Just looking at her you'll notice that her eyes are literally stars that shine so bright for all to enjoy.

Top 8 - Zucker

The number 8 for 2021 November's best villager is Zucker, the lazy octopus villager born on march 8. Octopus villagers as we know are far and few between an Animal Crossing and Zucker reigns supreme as the most sought-after of the bunch. Zucker's appearance is based on a Takoyaki treat with brown hair on the top of his head resembling Takoyaki sauce. He also has what appears to be a small wooden stick protruding from his head as Takoyaki is frequently eaten with toothpicks.

Top 7 - Sherb

This lazy cutie is another one of the new villagers who was introduced at the beginning of Animal Crossing New Horizons. Sherb is a pastel blue goat which is no surprise that he's a Capricorn born on January 18th. His catchphrase ba resembles that of a bleating goat. As a lazy villager, Sherb has a very relaxed and chilled laid-back lifestyle and he often talks about the bugs in his home and food. In fact, his name is said to be inspired by sherbert that tangy fruity ice cream dessert we all know and love.

Top 6 - Ankha

Ankha is a snooty cat villager whose name is likely derived from the ankh which is the Egyptian hieroglyphic character that reads life. Ankha's design alludes to how ancient Egyptians worshipped cats which is no surprise either that her immaculate home interior is themed after a pyramid benefiting her Egyptian-styled appearance.

Top 5 - Ione

Our first brand new villager breaking into the top 10 this month at spot 5 is Ione. She was added to Animal Crossing New Horizons as a part of the free 2.0 update on November 4th and the name Ione is ancient greek for the violet flower and the name of a nymph in Greek mythology. Besides her amazing interior to her home, Ion's most notable feature is her tail which instead of having a spiral design like most other squirrel villagers, is solid blue with several star-like sparkles on it. Not only that, but in the dark Ion's inner ears actually glow.

Top 4 - Marshall

Back on the list of 2021 top 10 November best villagers, one of the consistently most popular villagers is Marshall at spot 4. Despite his permanent scowl, Marshall’s smug squirrel does get along with just about everyone he bumps into as long as they find him as cool as he finds himself. His name could also allude to the somewhat marshmallow-like appearance and his catchphrase sulky could reference that constant frown he sports on his face. Marshall's home is that of a coffee shop atmosphere and it has a piano ready for the music lover to play in the corner. 

Top 3 - Raymond

The smug cat Raymond, who for a long time was always the most popular new villager introduced with Animal Crossing New Horizons. Raymond has consistently been a villager in the top 10 most popular villagers list every month. But that's not the only thing that sets him apart from the crowd as this kitty is the only villager with Heterochromia which is why he has one eye that is green and one eye that is brown. Since Animal Crossing New Horizons launched last year, Raymond has consistently been at the top of many players lists and although he is still in the top 3, it's safe to say he has been dethroned from the most popular title. 

Top 2 - Sasha

Our second brand new villager added to this list and the second most popular villager for November 2021 is Sasha. Sasha is a lazy rabbit villager with beautiful large eyes with sparkles in them and an adorable seafoam green coat. Sasha's profile says that he loves taking selfies and he is the only male villager in Animal Crossing history to have the fashion hobby. Because of his lazy personality, Sasha often talks about food and he can be incredibly humorous or a little naive during conversations.

Top 1 - Shino

Our new champion of being the most popular Animal Crossing villager in November 2021 is Shino. Shino is a deer villager who was revealed in the Animal Crossing New Horizons Direct on October 15th and people loved her immediately. She was eventually added to the game in the version 2.0 update and everyone is still fawning over this sweet deer. Her name stems from two Japanese words meaning deer and theater which perfectly fits her peppy personality and her search for stardom. In fact, Shino appears to be based on the hannya masks that are used in Japanese Noh theater to represent a jealous female demon. She shares her horns fangs and her amazing eyebrows in common with the way that these demons are depicted.

We now know exactly which villages are the current 10 most popular for November 2021 in Animal Crossing New Horizons, do you agree or is your most adored Animal absent? If you don't see your favorite villager in this guide or if you think a new villager deserves to be in the top 10, go and vote and make sure that they end up being a top tier villager for the month of December!


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