ACNH Gyroid Ideas - Top 8 Best Ways (Designs) To Use Gyroids in Animal Crossing New Horizons
2/7/2022 10:52:18 AM

After the 2.0 update, the gyroids, great absentees of the title, loved by all AC fans, have been introduced to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. What to do with gyroids on Animal Crossing New Horizons? We're going to look at the different ways you can use the gyroids on your island by breaking down the Best ACNH Gyroids Decorating Ideas.

ACNH Gyroids Decorating (Display) Ideas

ACNH Gyroid Decorating (Display) Ideas - Top 8 Best Ways To Use Gyroids in Animal Crossing New Horizons

One of the many unique new features added with the update to the Animal Crossing New Horizons version 2.0 is the gyroids - the most unique and bizarre furniture capable of moving and emitting sounds. Each of the 36 specimens of gyroids to be found has its own characteristics that make it distinctive in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. These iconic furnishings are really many and in the series, they have different types and colors that allow them to be grouped into sort of categories based on their aesthetics, each of which is able to create a particular atmosphere by placing in various areas and spaces on your island. So many ACNH players have taken inspiration from them to build up beautiful gyroids-themed designs on their islands. 

ACNH Gyroid List

So with the below design ideas, let's check out the best ways to use gyroids:

1. Gyroid Tempo (Form A Band with Gyroids)

Now every single gyroid in Animal Crossing New Horizons makes its own unique sound effect and when placed plays random tunes, however, if you place gyroids near a stereo, the gyroids would actually match the tempo of the K.K slider song that's playing adjusting their own sounds and rhythm and sing along with the song. So displaying Gyroids as musical furniture items in your home and special areas on your island, it's super cute and by adding multiple gyroids, you can create countless versions effectively making new songs. 

Gyroid Concert - A concert for gyroids who love to sing is a great idea, like this one:

ACNH Gyroid Decorating (Display) Ideas - Gyroid ConcertChristmas Tune - Festive tunes are of course without the participation of gyroids, so form a choir to celebrate Christmas:

ACNH Gyroid Decorating (Display) Ideas - Christmas Tune

2. Gyroid Ornament (Place Gyroids On Furniture)

In addition to hanging on shelves, Gyroids can be placed on any piece of furniture as decorations to add interest and a unique atmosphere to a space. For example, put the Arfoid in the shape of a teapot on the kitchen counter, and put the Whistloid in the vase shape on the coffee table in the living room or bedroom. The weird Dootoid can add a weird feeling to the witch's room, and the cute Thwopoid is very suitable for children's spaces. In short, it seems that you can always find inspiration for your design from Gyroids.

ACNH Gyroids Decorating (Display) Ideas - Gyroid Ornament

3. Gyroid Shelves (Hang Gyroids On Walls)

The gyroids in Animal Crossing New Horizons have had a bit of a makeover compared to previous games and now they're much smaller and cuter than ever before. With this design change, it's now not only possible to place these gyroids on tables and on top of other furniture, but you can actually hang them on the walls on tiny shelves, this allows you to proudly display your gyroid collection without taking up too much valuable floor space.

ACNH Gyroid Decorating (Display) Ideas - Gyroid Shelves

4. Polish Gyroids (Make Gyroids Sparkle & Shine)

Since we now have a wonderful display of gyroids, it's probably worth mentioning you can actually polish your gyroids and make them sparkle and shine. Depending on how long you polish them you can create different amounts of sparkles and even different effects if you've unlocked them. Sadly this feature is restricted to those who have the Happy Home Paradise expansion though, as the polishing technique is learned by designing vacation homes. 

ACNH Gyroid Decorating (Display) Ideas - Polish Gyroids

5. Gyroid Villagers (Treat Gyroids as Villagers)

Although Gyroid is set as furniture, because of its face shape and dynamic, we can place it as villagers in various scenes on our island. For example, the following creative designs:

Gyroid Community - Creating a living area for your gyroids is an extremely creative design that gives each gyroid a meaning to life similar to island villagers. Different variants of dollhouses and gyroids are fully utilized in this design, you can lay out gyroid resident areas like the villagers' community, but you only need to use some bushes and flower beds to separate a small area. Of course, don't forget to use the custom pattern to create a path through the community.

ACNH Gyroid Decorating (Display) Ideas - Gyroid residential area

Gyroid Council - At the park, the Gyroids in public spaces seem to be discussing some interesting topics. In the design below, the creators have arranged the Council of Squeakoid Gyroids in the ruins area created by stone items.

ACNH Gyroid Decorating (Display) Ideas - Gyroid Council

Gyroid Guests - Gyroids can be placed as guests in any public place, such as cafes, restaurants, playgrounds, etc.

ACNH Gyroids Decorating (Display) Ideas - Gyroid Party

Gyroid Passengers (Gyroid Train Station) - Using the gyroids as the passengers on the train is also a unique and creative idea. For lifelike effects, use the face cutout standee to customize the virtual train windows through which you can clearly see the Gyroid Passengers.

ACNH Gyroids Decorating (Display) Ideas - Gyroid Train Station

Gyroid Singers - Aside from K.K, Gyroids are probably the best singers in Animal Crossing, so they're a must-have wherever there's music.

Gyroids in Bathtubs - This is like a jungle retreat a little getaway for gyroid babies if you place them on your walls, you can make it look like they're inside bathtubs. It is a cute idea for using the extra gyroids you have in storage, give them a restful day.

ACNH Gyroids Decorating (Display) Ideas - Gyroid Tubbath

6. Gyroid Garden / Park (Mix with Other Styles)

Placing Gyroids in your front garden would be a great idea, not only do they decorate these areas nicely, but they also bring more life to life with dynamic dancing and singing. What's more, since each Gyroid has a different look and feel, they'll fit into almost any theme's design. For example, the cute Cltteroid and Squeakoid can add childishness to your children's park, the alien-like Stelloid, and proingoid add a sense of technology to your space theme park, and the ancient pottery-shaped Whirroid and Whistloid seem to be very suitable for placement in Bamboo Zen garden or medieval style park.

ACNH Gyroids Decorating (Display) Ideas - Gyroid Garden & Park

7. Gyroid Farm (Plant Gyroid Fragments)

Building up a gyroid theme farm is also a stunning way to display your gyroids and spawn more gyroids. Put some Gyroids on stone piers or stakes around the farm, layout some gyroids on-farm tool racks or stalls, surely you are going to bury a bunch of gyroids around and kind of random places making it look very natural. To make your gyroid farm look lived in, we suggest you can dig a hole put some gyroid fragments and a shovel (or other tools) nearby them. What's more, don't forget to use some custom gyroid-style pattern on-farm signboard and other furniture, also put down a water pump and watering can for water the gyroids.

ACNH Gyroid Decorating (Display) Ideas - Gyroid Farm

8. Gyroid Forest (Layer Gyroid on Ground & Cliffs)

Building a forest full of gyroids kind of like the forest spirits from princess mononoke is also a great idea, but this idea would take the cake for using the most gyroids, especially for fairy theme towns and overgrown forest islands. Colorful Jingloids and Babbloids can Add a dreamy vibe to your fairy forest, while Tremoloid and Squeezoid add mystery to enchanted ruins areas. You can layer Gyroids on the ground and cliffs nearby paths or under trees at will.

ACNH Gyroid Decorating (Display) Ideas - Gyroid Forest


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