ACNH International Museum Day 2022: Dates, Rewards & Stamp Rally for Animal Crossing Museum Day
4/1/2022 3:58:52 PM

What events are you expect most for 2022 in Animal Crossing New Horizons? On the Museum Day of ACNH, the museum will hold a Stamp Rally activity that lasts half a month. When we look forward to this event, what should you know? Today, we’ll go over the ACNH International Museum Day 2022 event guide, focusing on the dates, rewards, items, and Stamp Rally itself. 

acnh Museum Day 2022

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What is Museum Day in ACNH? - When is Museum Day 2022 in Animal Crossing?

International Museum Day is a regular event in Animal Crossing New Horizons to celebrate the real-world event of the same name, since it was introduced in ACNH in 2022, Museum Day takes place on the same dates every year and lasts two weeks. So, ACNH Museum Day 2022 is expected to start on May 18 and end on May 31, 2022.

During the International Museum Day event, there will be four galleries held in the museum on your island, including the bug, fish, fossil, and art, each of them contains three stamp stations that you can interact with to get a stamp on your card. By completing the Stamp Rally 2022, you can earn specific Animal Crossing New Horizons items as a reward for Museum Day. 

ACNH International Museum Day Rewards, Prizes & Items 2022

Completing the Stamp Rally from each gallery, you can talk to Blathers and he will give you the corresponding plaque as your prize, the stamp rally can be repeated during the Museum Day event and Blathers will give you the reward again, each plaque sells at a price of 2500 AC bells, so this is even a good way for earning bells. 

Last year, Nintendo added an art exhibit as well as the Art Plaque prize for the International Museum Day 2021, they also increased the sell value of all plaques in the game. Is there a possibility that they are going to add another new exhibit for the ACNH stamp rally 2022? Any news will be updated here to introduce ACNH Museum Day 2022.

ACNH Stamp Rally Prizes 2022

Art Plaque - 2500 Bells

Bug Plaque - 2500 Bells

Fish Plaque - 2500 Bells

Fossil Plaque - 2500 Bells

What to Do During Museum Day 2022 in ACNH? - How to Do Stamp Rally in ACNH?

Below are the steps for completing the Stamp Rally during the Museum Day event. 

1. When you hear the announcement about the event from Isabelle, this means International Museum Day begins and you can start to join the activity.

2. Go to your museum and find Blathers, talk to him, he will tell you the information about Museum Day and Stamp Rally, also give you four stamp cards, each card is for one of the four exhibits. 

3. On each card, there are three spots that are marked with the names of different stamp stations that need to be filled with three stamps. Find the specific stamp stations around the associated gallery and press "A" to fill each of your cards with three stamps. 

4. Every time you completed a card, you can claim your reward for the specific exhibit by talking with Blathers again. 

5. By talking to Blathers on any of the following days, you can do the stamp rally again, but you’ll need to collect stamps from the new stations around the museum, because the stamp stations listed on your card will change every day, and the rewards will be a duplicate of the one you got the first time. But a particular station will always be in the same spot. 

Locations of Stamp Stations for ACNH Museum Day 2022

Browse the locations of all stamp stations hidden in the museum to save your time during the Stamp Rally. 

1. Fish Gallery:

Serenity Tank: In the main room, in front of the tank holding various small freshwater fish, including Goldfish, Angelfish, and Betta.

The Pond: In the center of the main room, in front of the holding area for various freshwater fish, including the Koi, Carp, and Black Bass.

Headwaters: In the northeast corner of the main room, where the Cherry Salmon, Char, and Golden Trout are held.

Big River: On the east side of the main room, between the pond and the giant tank.

The Coast: Near the entrance of the upper room.

Coral Reef: On the highest level of the upper room, in the middle.

Icy Sea: in the northeast corner of the upper room, near the tank containing a giant icicle and housing the Sea Butterfly and various deep-sea creatures, including the Scallop, Whelk, and Red King Crab.

The Deep: At the base of the giant tank in the rightmost room holding various saltwater fish, including Tuna, Horse Mackerel, and Anchovy.

Abyss: At the right side of the rightmost room, near the tank holding the Coelacanth, Barreleye, Oarfish, Football Fish, and various deep-sea creatures, including the Firefly Squid, Spider Crab, and Venus Flower Basket.

2. Bugs Gallery:

The Lab: In the back room, outside of the lab area where the Paper Kite Butterfly, Fly, Mosquito, and Flea are displayed.

Bug Farms: In the back room, behind where the Dung Beetle, Tarantula, and Scorpion are displayed.

Butterfly Garden: In the right room, in the southernmost part.

Coconut Corner: In the northwest corner of the main room, near the palm trees and waterfall.

Singing Forest: Near the entrance to the main room, in front of some oak trees.

Dragonfly Bridge: In the northwest corner of the main room, on the wooden bridge behind the waterfall.

Quiet Bench: On the west side of the main room, where the isolated palm trees grow.

Hiding Bugs: In the back room, next to the entrance to the butterfly room.

Giant Tree: In the northeast corner of the main room, to the right of the large tree.

Sun-Peek Path: In the center of the main room, just in front of the stumps.

Shady Path: On the northeast side of the main room, south of the giant tree.

3. Fossils Gallery:

Synapsids: In the main room, to the right of the Dimetrodon and Juramaia.

Aquatic Reptiles: In the main room, in front of the Plesiosaurus.

Pterasaurs: In the main room, in front of the Quetzalcoatlus.

Mollusks/Arthropods: Near the entrance, on the left side.

Vertebrates: Near the entrance, on the right side.

Extinction Spot: In the center of the main room, just in front of the Diplodocus.

Cenozoic: In the middle of the last room, between the Sabertooth Tiger and Megacerops.

4. Art gallery:

Sculpture Exhibit: From the entrance of the art gallery, walk straight up through the statues exhibition to find the stamp spot of the sculpture exhibition on the right side against the wall.

Baroque Gallery: From the entrance of the art gallery, go all the way to the northernmost area of the room and find the printing spot of the Baroque gallery on the left wall. You have to climb three stairs to get here.

Art from the West: Walk north from the entrance of the art gallery, past the first set of stairs, and then walk all the way to the second set of stairs until you find the stamp station next to a bench.

Art from the East: From the entrance to the art gallery, walk up a short flight of stairs, from the stamp spot against the south wall to the end of the room.


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