ACNH May Day Event 2022: Date, Rover's Rewards (Items), Maze Walkthrough & Changes | Animal Crossing New Horizons Guide
4/1/2022 5:27:24 AM

This year, May Day is still an important day in Animal Crossing New Horizons: a special character named Rover returns to our island and hosts a limited-time holiday event featuring some exclusive rewards. In this ACNH May Day 2022 Guide, we are taking a look at the May Day event and going over everything you need to know including the date, rewards (items), and steps to go through the May Day Maze.  

ACNH May Day Event Guide 2022

Animal Crossing New Horizons May Day Event 2022 Guide

To celebrate International Workers' Day in the real world, an annual 7-day event - May Day will be held in Spring on our ACNH island again, by combing with a more traditional, seasonal focus. During the holiday week, we can travel on an all-new Mystery Island tour courtesy of our getaway package CEO Tom Nook, with the goal of meeting a classic character Rover and finding some bonus prizes along the way.

ACNH May Day 2022 Start Date & Time

May Day event in Animal Crossing New Horizons rolls out on April 29th, 2022, and marks the beginning of a seven-day celebration of the event, then ends on May 7th, 2022.

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ACNH May Day 2022 Changes

  • May Day as an inherent holiday will once again be celebrated in ACNH in its traditional way, but we can still expect some changes, as Nintendo has done with other returning events, such as adding new items or new activities.

  • In addition, at last year's May Day event, Nintendo prepared Rover's Photo for old players as a reward for their second participation. So new prizes may also be added to the May Day event in 2022.

We already know that the highlight of the May Day Event is the take a tour to a special mystery island, where you need to complete the May Day Maze for getting prizes. So before we get into how to take part in the event, let's take a look at what items are waiting for you. 

ACNH May Day Event Rewards & Items (2022)

Let's be sure to talk to Rover to get the reward of the event: only in this way will we be able to finish the hard work (May Day Maze) and receive one of the expected rewards, everything is based on the number of our participation in the event since this is the third edition.

For the players who have not already participated in the May Day event last year, the reward we can confirm so far will be the very precious Rover’s Briefcase, Rover’s Photo, Bell Vouchers.

Rover's Briefcase

How To Get Rover's Briefcase: If you are the first time to go through the May Day Maze in Animal Crossing New Horizons, meet Rover at the end of the Maze and talk to him, he will reward you with the precious Rover’s Briefcase. In case you don't find it in your pocket, don't worry: it will be delivered by mail the next day. It should be noted that Rover’s Briefcase is an exclusive item, obtainable only through this event, and therefore cannot be purchased from the Nook Shopping catalog; the item can also be sold at the Nook’s Cranny for 2,000 bells.

Rover's Photo

How To Get Rover's Photo: Again if you are new to arrive at the end of the Maze and talk to Rover, you will be rewarded with a photo of him, which we can place at home and customize just like the photos of our villagers. In case you don't find it in your pocket, don't worry: it will be delivered by mail the next day! The item can also be sold at the Nook’s Cranny for 10 bells.

In addition, by using 1x unit of Customization kit or buying customize service from Cyrus, it is possible to customize the item and obtain the other 8 color variants.

Rover's Poster

How To Get Rover's Poster: Another bonus of this event is having Rover added to the game although he's currently on the mystery island tour, Rover can now be invited to Harvey's cabin to use his amiibo which is pretty neat. Although we have actually been able to do this since the one point to update, of course after inviting Rover into the photo studio, it is now possible to order his poster from the Nook stop.

Bell Vouchers

How to get all the Bell Vouchers: In addition to obtaining the precious rewards of the event, it is possible to return to your own island with some extra money: in fact, several Bell Vouchers have been placed on the special May Day island. To get them all, let's make sure you have at least 3 fruits when the time comes to remove the last tree, and then talk to Rover to get nine bell vouchers. Once go back to your island, you can sell the bell vouchers at Nook’s Cranny for up to 27,000 bells which is a nice little profit, and that's pretty much it for the mystery island tour side of things. 

Below is illustrated step by step to obtain all 9 Bell Vouchers previously mentioned:

  • 1. The first batch is right next to Rover all you need to do is dig up a bush and collect four bell vouchers that are hidden behind the hedge but they are there

  • 2. The second batch of bail vouchers can be found in a lower part of the island head around the top of the map around the hedge and down along the west beach until you see three rocks, eat the remaining three pieces of fruit you saved earlier and smashed the three rocks to collect five bonus bell vouchers. 

  • 3. If you did this correctly you should have met Rover collected his prize and picked up a total of nine bonus bell vouchers and you're done simply dig up the bushes to the right and head back to the entrance and fly home, just remember everything you've collected stays on the island apart from the prizes that will get mailed to you, so don't waste your time digging up bushes trees or flowers to take home because they just get left behind.

How To Go To Mystery Island and Walk Through the Maze?

Now we have known all the rewards we are able by completing the May Day Maze, no matter you are interested in these items or just want to crack the maze, follow us to take the May Day Tour and complete the Maze step by step:

Step 1 - May Day Ticket

To get started, we simply head over to the Residence Services Center where Tom Nook will of course tell us a little about the event before rewarding us with a May Day ticket. The Mayday ticket is essentially a special edition Nook Miles ticket that we can redeem at dodo Airlines to visit a special mystery island tour, that's only available during the event. Once redeemed at dodo Airlines, they will fly us out to this new island where we are faced with a maze puzzle that we need to solve in order to earn our prizes. The puzzle we faced rewards us with a meet-and-greet with Rover as well as some prizes. 

Step 2 - Shovel 

The maze is fairly straightforward, the first thing you need to do is head forwards and pick up the shovel, then use the shovel to dig up the bush to the left which allows you to collect a peach. Now it's as simple as eating the peach or whichever fruit you may have collected to get some extra strength, this now allows us to dig up the tree blocking the path ahead.

Step 3 - Worn Axe

Next, you're faced with some paths leading to a small number of crafting materials and a Worn Axe. The easiest way to ensure you don't miss anything is to take the first right and collect three pieces of wood from here, continue forwards making your way around the maze until you collect a tree branch. Again moving forwards you'll come across three more tree branches that you'll need to collect, these will involve jumping over holes and then jumping back again once over the second hole head down, and pick up the axe. You can wrap up this step by clicking on the final tree branch and a stone.

Step 4 - Chop a Tree

Now it's time to make use of your tools head back the way you came heading north until you come to the tree in the top left. You need to cut down the tree and dig up the stump, this allows you to collect another tree branch and some more fruit 

Step 5 - Rock

Now it's time to head to a rock you may have already seen at the beginning, head back the way he came again, towards where the axe was jumping over to holes before taking a right allowing him to jump over another hole to the south. Following the path and jumping over another hole will bring you to rock, simply eat a piece of fruit and smash the rock, this allows you to collect an iron nugget. Pick it up but ignore the tree we'll come back to this later, don't waste your second piece of fruit.

Step 6 - Crafting 

Now, this is where it gets a little confusing because you've got to make your way back through the maze. This time jumping back over the holes, heading towards the first tree chopped down in the top left jumping over another hole and heading down to another rock. You should have one piece of fruit left which you can eat and use to smash the rock providing you didn't use it to dig up the tree in the previous step. Once clear you can collect another piece of fruit and some DIY recipes for axes, these are just here in case you haven't learned them yet in the game. Dig up the tree to reveal the crafty stump and craft both axes

Step 7 - Extra Fruit

This step is all about collecting the remaining fruits you need in order to collect all the prizes on the island, head back away from the crafting stump and take the first left jumping across the holes to the only tree left in the center of the island chop it down with the axe you just crafted and collect the fruit save these fruit for later.

Step 8 - Chop a Tree 

Now it's time to head to the main prize, head back north taking a left at the top of the map and work your way around the maze until you come to the three jumps in a horizontal line. You need to jump over the first hole and head for the tree we left standing earlier. When we collected the iron nugget, jump over the remaining holes and head to the tree chop down the tree and follow the path ahead collecting the final piece of fruit along the way. 

Step 9 - Three Trees

We're always at the finish line now and we just have to make it through the final trees. It's important at this point to chop down the trees with the axe you're carrying instead of using the fruit and digging up the trees, so continue along the path chop down each tree and dig up each stump. Once through, you'll be able to meet Rover the classic Animal Crossing character who will of course reward you with a prize for completing the maze. If at any point you mess up or wasted your fruit on digging up trees instead of using the axe simply call the Rescue Center who will help you restart the maze and reset all the crafting materials. Just remember it does cost 100 miles to do this. 

Note: Although the following Maze Completing steps are summarized based on the May Day event in 2021, we believe that these skills will be fully inherited in this year's event. Of course, we expect Nintendo to bring different content and surprise us.


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