ACNH May Update Guide 2022 - New Events, Items, DIY Recipes & Critters In Animal Crossing
4/1/2022 9:13:42 AM

The season roll on Animal Crossing New Horizons for Nintendo Switch. Brings new twists to seasonal events. There are plenty of things to look forward to on your island in Animal Crossing New Horizons May update. Welcome to ACNH May update guide 2022, we'll discuss all the different events, items, crafting materials, DIY recipes, and critters that can be expected.


ACNH May Update Guide 2022 - New Events, Items, DIY Recipes & Critters In Animal Crossing

With April over the third time since the launch of Animal Crossing New Horizons, we are heading into May and about to see a bunch of changes around the island. As always, there are not only some minor adjustments to seasonal recipes, island aesthetics, but also brand new ACNH May events and items. In May, players from all regions will see a slight shift in the types of weather and weather phenomena. For players in the Northern Hemisphere might seize the final month of spring, therefore, it’s the last chance to see thin clouds in the sky. On the other hand, players in the Southern Hemisphere could see seize the shift of seasons with the end of fall and the start of winter in the final week of May.


ACNH May Events & Items 2022

Thanks to the Animal Crossing May update that introduced some refreshed events to celebrate. Both northern and southern hemispheres have new seasonal holidays to look forward to along with some exclusive limited-time Animal Crossing New Horizons items.


May Day

  • Start Date: May 1 - May 7

  • Items: May Day Ticket, Rover's Brief Case

Starting on April 29 and running until May 7 is the ACNH May Day event. Over the course of these days, you can use a special ticket at the airport to participate in an exclusive island tour maze, featuring the character Rover. You can only do this once, but you're rewarded with bell vouchers and a picture of Rover for your completion of the event.


International Museum Day

  • Start Date: May 18 - May 31

  • Items: Bug, Fish, and Fossil Stamps

Tour the gorgeous museum with the ACNH International Museum Day event. Blathers has set up various stamps to collect around all four exhibits of the museum that you can complete every day from May 18 to May 31. Your reward for finding all the stamps in each exhibit is a plaque for bugs, fish, fossils, and artwork.


ACNH Seasonal Events & Items 2022

Children's Day

  • Start Date: April 28 - May 5

  • Items: Carp Streamer, Newspaper Helmet 

Children's Day in Japan takes place from April 28 to May 5 and it comes with a couple of seasonal items as well. Both newsprint helmet and carp banner can be purchased with ACNH bells.


Cheese Rolling Day

  • Start Date: May 22 - May 31

  • Items: Double Gloucester, Cheese 

In the city of Gloucester is an annual event where people chase a wheel of cheese down a hill, in tribute to this Nintendo has added a double Gloucester cheese item for decorating your island between the days of May 22 and May 31. 


Mother’s Day

  • Start Date: May 1 - May 31

  • Items: Thank-You Mom Mug, Carnation 

Throughout the entire month of May, you can pick up some carnations from nook shopping in celebration of Mother's Day in older Animal Crossing games. You used to be able to plant carnations as actual flowers, but these are merely vanity, it seems. Mother's Day starts on May 1 through to May 31.


ACNH May Seasonal Crafting 2022

Even though May is a brand-new season in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Some players do see a shift in seasonal crafting materials that spawn around the island. Players in the Northern Hemisphere will be glad to know there are no significant changes, with young bamboo still spawning for another month. These materials can be used to craft young spring bamboo recipes that founded in balloons, including the basket pack, pan flute, bamboo wand among others. Players in the Southern Hemisphere, not only they can continue to find acorns and pine corns, but several season materials including mushrooms and maple leaves begin spawning.


ACNH May DIY Recipes 2022


Mushroom will begin to spawn early on May 1 and spawn for the entire month. These include elegant mushrooms, flat mushrooms, round mushrooms, skinny mushrooms, and rare mushrooms. All of these can be used to craft seasonal recipes including mush partition, mush parasol, etc.


Mush Wall

  • 1 Elegant Mushroom

  • 1 Round Mushroom

  • 1 Skinny Mushroom

  • 1 Flat Mushroom


Forest Flooring

  • 1 Rare Mushroom

  • 2 Round Mushrooms

  • 2 Skinny Mushrooms

  • 2 Flat Mushrooms

  • 10 Weeds


Forest Wall

  • 2 Elegant Mushrooms

  • 2 Round Mushrooms

  • 2 Skinny Mushrooms

  • 2 Flat Mushrooms

  • 10 Wood


Mush Lamp

  • 1 Skinny Mushroom

  • 5 Clay


Mush Parasol

  • 3 Flat Mushrooms

Mush Low Stool

  • 2 Round Mushrooms


Mushroom Umbrella

  • 3 Flat Mushrooms

Mush Table

  • 2 Flat Mushrooms

  • 6 Wood

Mush Partition

  • 3 Skinny Mushrooms


Mushroom Wand

  • 3 Skinny Mushrooms

  • 3 Star Fragments


Mushroom Wreath

  • 10 Tree Branches

  • 1 Round Mushroom

  • 1 Skinny Mushroom

  • 1 Flat Mushroom


Mush Log

  • 2 Skinny Mushrooms

  • 1 Log Stool


Maple Leave

Maple leave will begin spawning May 16 and through to May 25. Just like other seasonal materials can be found randomly floating around the island. These can also be used to craft seasonal DIY Recipes found in balloons, including the tree’s bounty arch, maple leave pond stone, etc.

Autumn Wall

  • 10 Maple Leaves

  • 5 Wood

  • 5 Weeds

Colored-Leaves Flooring

  • 10 Maple Leaves

  • 15 Weeds

  • Leaf Stool

  • 3 Maple Leaves

  • 3 Wood

Maple-Leaf Pochette

  • 6 Maple Leaves

Maple-Leaf Pond Stone

  • 10 Stone

  • 3 Maple Leaves

  • Maple-Leaf Rug

  • 6 Maple Leaves

Maple-Leaf Umbrella

  • 7 Maple Leaves

  • Red-Leaf Pile

  • 3 Maple Leaves

  • 4 Weeds

Tree’s Bounty Arch

  • 4 Pine Cones

  • 5 Acorns

  • 5 Maple Leaves

  • 15 Tree Branches

Tree’s Bounty Big Tree

  • 5 Pine Cones

  • 4 Acorns

  • 4 Maple Leaves

  • 8 Tree Branches

  • 4 Clay


ACNH May Fish, Bugs & Dee Sea Creatures 2022

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, there are a total of 44 collectible fish available on May, 8 new fish begin to spawn and 3 fish will stop spawning after this month is over. At the same time, you can catch 84 of the total bugs, there are 8 new bugs available and only 1 bug is leaving. 22 deep-sea creatures are available in May, that’s 5 new ones from last month but with 3 benthic creatures leaving.

May New Fish

Mahi-mahi (6,500) - All Day (Northern Hemisphere)

Giant Trevally (4,500) - All Day (Northern Hemisphere)

Angelfish (3,000) - 4pm-9am (Northern Hemisphere)

Betta (2,500) - 9am - 4pm (Northern Hemisphere)

Nibble Fish (1,500) - 9am-4pm (Northern Hemisphere)

Rainbowfish (800) - 9am-4pm (Northern Hemisphere) 

Catfish (500) - 4pm-9am (Northern Hemisphere)

Frog - All Day (Northern Hemisphere)

Blue Marlin (10,000) - All Day (Southern Hemisphere)

Tuna (7,000) - All Day (Southern Hemisphere) 

Blowfish (5,000) - 9pm-4am (Southern Hemisphere)

Football Fish (2,500) - 4pm-9am (Southern Hemisphere)

Bitterling (800) - All Day (Southern Hemisphere)

May Sea Creatures

Vampire Squid (10000) - 4pm-9am (Northern Hemisphere)

Slate Pencil Urchin (2000) - 4pm-9am (Northern Hemisphere)

Sea Urchin (1700) - All Day (Northern Hemisphere)

Gigas Giant Clam (1500) - All Day (Northern Hemisphere)

Spotted Garden Eel (1100) - 4am-9pm (Northern Hemisphere)

Red King Crab (8000) - All Day (Southern Hemisphere)

Sea Pig (8000) - 4pm-9am (Southern Hemisphere)

Snow Crab (6000) - All Day (Southern Hemisphere)

Dungeoness Crab (1900) - All Day (Southern Hemisphere)

Sea Cucumber (500) - All Day (Southern Hemisphere)

May Bugs

Scorpion (8000) - 7pm-4am (Northern Hemisphere) 

Banded Dragonfly (4500) - 8am-5pm (Northern Hemisphere)

Queen Alexandra's Birdwing (4000) - 8am-4pm (Northern Hemisphere)

Rosalia Batesi Beetle (3000) - All Day (Northern Hemisphere)

Great Purple Emperor (3000) - 4am-7am (Northern Hemisphere) 

Diving Beetle (800) - 8am-7pm (Northern Hemisphere)

Violin Beetle (450) - All Day (Northern Hemisphere)

Pondskater (130) - 8am-7pm (Northern Hemisphere) 

Tarantula (8000) - 7pm-4am (Southern Hemisphere)  

Damselfly (500) - All Day (Southern Hemisphere) 

Mole cricket (500) - All Day (Southern Hemisphere)

ACNH May Island Aesthetic 2022

In Animal Crossing New Horizons May Update 2022, there are maple leaves floating around, the shift in the types of cloud might also see bushes bloom as well. In the northern hemisphere, pink and white azalea bushes continue to bloom until the end of May. However, orange and yellow tea olives start flowering in the southern hemisphere in flavor of holly bush blooming entire winter. Holly Bush will continue to bloom from May 1 for around 6 weeks. Furthermore, certain decorations seen at the Nook’s Cranny will change too as winter starts in the southern hemisphere before the end of May.


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