Animal Crossing New Horizons Bunny Day 2022: Don't Miss Exclusive Bunny Day Items In The Last Day!
4/18/2022 5:47:37 PM

Welcome back now since the bunny day event was shortened from 12 days down to only a week. Today marks the bunny day finale which means zipper himself is back on the new horizons island, bunny day celebrations are underway now.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Bunny Day: Don't Miss Exclusive Bunny Day Items In The Last Day!

1. ACNH Bunny Day Items Series 1- Candy egg 

The bunny day event itself has been taking place, since this time last week and during this time, it's been possible to find six types of candy eggs and obtain or learn a whole bunch of DIY recipes. 

candy egg

2.  ACNH Bunny Day Items Series 2- Furniture items, clothing items, fence and wand

As you may already know the bunny day series is the largest holiday set in the entire franchise consisting of 22 furniture items, 22 clothing items, one fence and one wand.


Most of these animal crossing items can be found in the lead up to bunny day either in special message bottles or balloons from villages or through finding eggs, not to mention the five bunny day themed items that are exclusive to nooks and don't have recipes. Finding all of these items and obtaining enough candy eggs to craft them all is quite the mission, especially if it's your first bunny day.

3. ACNH Bunny Day Items Series 2- Arch, basket, wobbling zipper toy, wand

But on top of this, there are also a handful of bunny day items that can't be obtained in the lead up to the event and are exclusive to the final day of the bunny day, and you don't want to miss them, these include the bunny day arch, the bunny day basket, the wobbling zipper toy, and the bunny day wand, all of these recipes or items can only be obtained by speaking with zipper himself today, plus some exclusive clothing items and accessories you won't want to miss.


How to get these ACNH bunny day items? 

ACNH bunny day arch 

The first exclusive bunny day item is, of course, the bunny day arch and it's pretty easy to obtain all you have to do is take part in the bunny day itself by speaking with zipper. You probably did on the first day of the bunny day when he's found wandering around the island and gives you the bunny day bed recipe however this time he is of course found at the plaza during the event and will hand over the recipe for the bunny day arch when interacted with the next bunny day item exclusive to

ACNH bunny day basket

The final day of the event is the bunny day basket, similar to those seasonal bunny day items found at nooks, this is an actual item rather than a recipe, it's pretty easy to obtain though.

ACNH bunny day candy eggs

As all you need to do is collect one of each of the Candy eggs and hand them over to Zipper who will then award you with the item. If you've been playing new horizons throughout the week you probably have a bunch of these to handle already the final two bunny day exclusives are a little more difficult to obtain.

ACNH bunny day wobbling zipper 

the first is the wobbling zipper toy in order to get your hands on this you first need to craft every other bunny day item in the game which is around 17 ACNH items.

Fortunately, this doesn't include the bunny day clothing items that are also craftable anyway, once you've crafted all the other recipes, if you speak with zipper at the plaza, he will award you with the wobbling zipper toy recipe for all your enthusiasm and hard work. It's a pretty lengthy challenge, but totally worth it for this weird bunny day toy,

ACNH bunny day wand

next up is of course the bunny day wand and unfortunately, this item can't be obtained until the wobbling zipper toy has been unlocked first this is because in order to unlock the wand you need to craft the wobbling zipper toy once you've unlocked and crafted the wobbling zipper toy simply speak with a Zipper again who will finally hand over the bunny day wand recipe which is the final bunny day recipe to obtain assuming you've unlocked all the clothing recipes too now before we take a look at a little trick that will help you get more of the rarer eggs you need.

4. ACNH Bunny Day Items- Four special bunny day themed clothing

There are also four special bunny day themed clothing items that you simply don't want to miss out on these include the egg party dress the egg putty hat the bunny day crown and the bunny day bag.


How to get these ACNH bunny day items? 

All super cool ACNH items that are exclusive to bunny day the egg party dress and the egg party hat are fairly easy to obtain though as you unlock these recipes by crafting all of the corresponding egg clothing items, which of course you learn as you collect eggs. 

The bunny day crown and bunny day bag are a little trickier to find compared to the other animal crossing new horizons recipes because you have to wait for villagers to suggest these recipes to you which means it's random, so does mean some players will find them quicker than others, the good news is they're not limited to specific villager personalities like some recipes, so any villagers can suggest these to you, but like the exclusive items from Zipper, you probably don't want to miss out on these clothing items either. Although they can be unlocked at any point during the event, today is the last day, you'll be able to find them.

Ending Post 

Now to complete bunny day, you're going to need a whole load of candy eggs which hopefully you've been collecting throughout the week. However there's an exclusive feature available only on the bunny day that can help you get extra eggs should you need them at any point during the bunny day, 

If you speak with Zipper, you can trade three eggs, you have excess amounts for one egg of another type you need, this means you can trade all those skye eggs for more earth eggs should you need them this will make it much easier to obtain all the eggs, you need to craft all the recipes for Zipper to ensure you unlock the final few items.


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