Custom ACNH Water Designs - How to Use Water Codes in Animal Crossing Island Ideas
4/27/2022 4:30:17 PM

Water design codes often appear in custom paths and floors in Animal Crossing New Horizons, how to use them in a creative or uncommon way? Today we’ll bring you to take a look at some amazing ideas of ACNH water design codes in custom builds, with a combination of a few special items and color schemes.  

Custom ACNH Water Designs - How to Use Water Codes in Animal Crossing Island Ideas

How to use water design codes on your island in Animal Crossing? Here are 3 types of builds by HorribleGaming using some custom water designs to make a realistic and stunning look. 

Coastal Island

If you are doing your island around a coastal or rural theme, it is a great way to hide the edge of your map while making use of the ACNH water code, and there are a lot of great different ways you can transition, this would work great for even villager homes, you can do some citycore builds. The most important Animal Crossing item in this build is the wheat, which is used in a lot of coastal themes for their water codes. It can not only hide the harsh edge of the map and the edge of the water code, but it gives more of a realistic overgrown vibe. Next, a road code is used to frame out the perspective and use the item called Safety railing to kind of just like frame the area in, then you can add some more decorations and small details that you like into the water area to make it feel more realistic. 

acnh water design 1

Tropical Pool

The next water design created by the user is a tropical pool. This build is very beachy and Hawaii, and it would be a great idea for a summer tropical island. You can place fences or a road behind the pool area and that would be a great centerpiece or transitional area to some villager homes or just city corps builds, you can even make it overlook a shopping strip or some city core skylines. The creator also put some custom changing rooms with different patterns there, which makes it more realistic and unique. You can add some tropical items like coconut trees and beach chairs with a parasol. Green and blue are the main color as they make people feel cooler. Start building a new pool now for the upcoming summer! It is also a great use for a boat dock area, not limited to a pool. 

acnh water design 3

Castle Cafe

The last one is an elegant castle cafe with a retro vibe, if you are going to design a distinct coffee shop or cafe area on your island, maybe you can get some inspiration from this build. The creator is framing the area with the castle wall and gate, just to give the illusion that the restaurant is its own little area. You can also take some simple panels with a custom design to match the build. Place some elegant tables and chairs to make some seating areas and add some floral elements or greenery. 

acnh water design 2


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