ACNH Wedding Season 2022 - Items, Rewards & Maximize Heart Crystals In Animal Crossing Wedding Event
4/28/2022 5:41:47 PM

Today, we're going to be taking a look at the updated Wedding Season Event in Animal Crossing New Horizons for 2022. This event made its debut originally in 2020 as a newly updated event for Animal Crossing New Horizons as a way to bring back the highly beloved Reese and Cyrus characters who were introduced in the previous game. In this ACNH Wedding Season guide 2022, we are going to go over all the changes that you can expect to see here, how the event works how you can get heart crystals and how you can unlock all of these exciting new items.


ACNH Wedding Season 2022 - Items, Rewards & Maximize Heart Crystals In Animal Crossing

It's time to finally check out the Wedding Events in Animal Crossing New Horizons! Isabelle will let you know that it is June and it feels like love is in the air that is of course because the Animal Crossing New Horizons Wedding Season has begun and it officially starts on June 1st until the end of the month. Animal Crossing New Horizons Wedding Event does involve Harvey's Island. So we're going to be needing to go to the dodo Airlines and travel to Harvey's Island. Are you excited for one of the best events so far in Animal Crossing New Horizons?


How To Trigger ACNH Wedding Season

Make your way over to the airport as we will be flying to Harvest Island. When you're ready to fly select the Harvest Island option to be taken to the Wedding Event. When you get to Harvest Island for the first time during the Animal Crossing Wedding Season, you will automatically be taken into the event where you will be able to decorate for every other visit. You must talk to Harvey first, in order to trigger the event. If you don't do this step, you will not activate the Wedding Event when you walk into the cabin and it will be a regular photocopier. Once inside the building after talking to Harvey, talk to Reese and find out the theme she wants for the photo.


ACNH Wedding Season Rewards

The rewards that you get are these cute little wedding-themed ACNH items that can be customized get a whole bunch of different styles for them. There are some chic ones and some sort of natural ones. They're all very cool and you'll also get an exclusive item which is called heart crystals from Reese. You can only get them during this period of time and those can basically only be used to trade for the wedding-themed items that you'll slowly unlock the more photo sessions you take. So make sure you do a photo session each day do it for at least seven days and get all the rewards.

  • Wedding Bench - 5 Heart Crystal

  • Wedding Decoration - 3 Heart Crystal

  • Wedding Table - 6 Wedding Table

  • Wedding Chair - 3 Heart Crystal

  • Wedding Flower Stand - 4 Heart Crystal

  • Wedding Candle Set - 4 Heart Crystal

  • Wedding Head Table - 6 Heart Crystal

  • Wedding Cake - 5 Heart Crystal

  • Wedding Pipe Organ - 40 Heart Crystal

  • Wedding Arch - 20 Heart Crystals

  • Wedding Welcome Board - 5 Heart Crystal

  • White Wedding Wall - 12 Heart Crystal

  • Wedding Party Wall - 12 Heart Crystal

  • Brown Wedding Flooring - 12 Heart Crystal

  • Green Wedding Flooring - 12 Heart Crystal

  • White Wedding Flooring - 12 Heart Crystal

  • Brown Wedding Flooring - 12 Heart Crystal

  • Green Wedding Flooring - 12 Heart Crystal

  • Blue Wedding Rug - 4 Heart Crystal

  • Red Wedding Rug - 4 Heart Crystal

  • White Wedding Rug - 4 Heart Crystal

  • Cake Dress - 20 Crystal

  • Wedding Tuxedo - 20 Crystal

  • Wedding Pumps - 6 Crystal

  • Wedding Shoes - 6 Crystal

  • Bridal Veil - 12 Heart Crystal


ACNH Wedding Season Items

Below are the seasonal items that you can get via Nook Shopping and Able Sisters. These will be available throughout the whole month, and they are here to celebrate Wedding Season ACNH.


Nook Shopping

Nuptial Bell - 4500 ACNH Bell

Nuptial Ring Pillow - 2200 ACNH Bell

Nuptial Doorplate - 1400 ACNH Bell

Flower-Petal Basket - 1200 ACNH Bell


Able Sisters

Tsunokakushi - 2940 ACNH Bell

White Hakama With Crest - 4800 ACNH Bell

Shiromuku - 4800 ACNH Bell


ACNH Wedding Event Tasks

The main goal of this ACNH Wedding Event is to take cute photos of Reese and Cyrus for their wedding anniversary. You can decorate the little studio with a ton of wedding-themed items. Generally speaking, you want to update it with as many items as you possibly can to get a photo that's really filled with a bunch of different wedding-themed items that you can get from Reese and Cyrus. Then you'll be tasked with taking photos and you'll basically only get to show them one photo, so make sure the last photo you take is one you want to show them. There's not too much at play here as long as you just take a photo with lots of different items in it and Reese and Cyrus in it which would be kind of hard not to do. Then you should be able to get good rewards for doing so. 

Tips & Tricks To Decorate Weddings & Take Photos

Every day during the month of June, there will be a new theme Reese wants you to decorate according to. Special wedding-themed furniture is introduced for this event, so you'll want to make sure to incorporate some pieces from this set to get as many heart crystals as possible. Once you are done decorating open the camera in your nook phone to take a photo. The most recent photo you take is the one Reese will judge your decorating skills on. Once you have your photo, talk to Reese and she will automatically be able to see your photo. 


How To Maximize Heart Crystals In ACNH

All the good items must be traded for using heart crystals by talking to Cyrus, the more you're decorating aligns with the theme, the more heart crystals you'll receive. On the first six days of the event, the most crystals you can get per day is 14. On day 7 and beyond, you can earn up to 18 heart crystals per day. Since it only takes 261 heart crystals to get each of one wedding item, you have plenty of chances to earn more than enough. 

The secret trick to getting the maximum amount of heart crystals every day is to load up the room with wedding-themed items.  Simply by placing wedding decorations on the wall and having a room full of wedding benches, well please reach to the highest extent and you will get max heart crystals for that day. While this method isn't much of a decorating challenge like the game intends it to be, this will ensure you can obtain enough heart crystals to buy every piece of wedding furniture you want before the season is over.




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