Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0 Update Guide - New Features & Updates You Missed!
5/20/2022 11:38:44 AM

The huge 2.0 update introduced so many new features, but many have actually gone under the radar, let's take a look at a feature we absolutely love that is connected to animal crossing new horizons as well as best ACNH items, and this is the Nooklink app, this app introduced a new feature which is the island newspaper, this paper basically allows you to see all of the current and ongoing events around your island it also has its own built-in turnip track which allows you to track the prices of turnips throughout the week.

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Good Tips for you

  • The newspaper is what Isabelle is doing while she's falling asleep at the desk. The veggie islands are also a good way to hit the two Nook Mile Goals for planting and harvesting veggies. We usually pluck them and plant them on the island. That way I'm not using my island to plant them but still get credit for it. Joan's turnip amount changes each Monday. We've got between 30-100 turnips.

  • When you played New Leaf, you could skip Kapp'n's song. You do know about it in New Horizons though, in part because Isabelle tells you over the Island Life 101 App.

  • One of the best features there is the ability to customize any item, we recommend heading over to Cyrus and checking out what items can have exclusive customizations.

  • If you want to give good gifts to your villagers or maybe you want to simply sell them for extra bells, and just make good use of those vegetables that you get, so definitely head to these islands and get yourself some of these cooking recipes as it's a really easy way of doing so, the ones you can get normally, anyway, and salmon recipes (which you can only get in September) and Spooky Cookies (exclusive to Halloween). Of course, the 2.0 update just had to release immediately after Halloween ended.

  • You might also be aware that you can get a free cooking recipe on the happy and paradise archipelago if you head to the restaurant and talk to the main chef, that's another nice tip, but for those of you without the dlc then you might want to start heading to these crop islands they're fairly common on captain's tours so hopefully you shouldn't have too much trouble getting them and then you get that nice guaranteed cooking recipe.


  • If you are going on a cap and tour, you can spam the b button to completely skip this dialogue, and cap and singing sending you straight to the island.

  • For those of you with happy home paradise so if you've progressed to the end of the story of happy and paradise, and you've unlocked DJ KK's weekly concerts, then you can actually talk to Wilbur over at the dock and get him to come and dance with you and everybody else, this is such a nice little feature.


  • When you play the treasure hunt with one of your villagers, they can shorten the timer of the treasure hunt to 30 seconds. Also, now if you find the treasure after the treasure hunt ended, you can now just give it back to the villager but you won't get a reward if this happens. Cleo was the villager that wanted to do the treasure hunt. Before, if you found the treasure after the treasure hunt ended, you had to close the game completely then turn the game back on then throw it away (if you have a garbage can on your island), we're glad that they changed this about the treasure hunt.



Do you expect 2.0 Update in ACNH? Don't forget to buy new Animal Crossing New Horizons items from the in-game stores, they are probably on sale at Nook’s Cranny, Able Sisters, and Nook Stop, and the duration is usually longer than one week.

























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