11 Animal Crossing New Horizons Island Map Layout Ideas! Unique Animal Crossing New Horizons Island Design!
6/20/2022 2:58:22 PM

Today looking at some more animal crossing new horizons island maps, people seem to find it really helpful, hopefully, these new maps will inspire you some more, these are really great inspiration for helping you figure out, how you're going to lay out your animal crossing island, how things are going to look and where you want to place them, because it can be difficult, totally relate with that it's a hard decision to make, so these can help you along the way.

11 Animal Crossing New Horizons Island Map Layout Ideas! Unique Animal Crossing New Horizons Island Design!

1. Animal Crossing New Horizons Design - Calma

Lots of animal crossing content with a few other things thrown in, but let's get started, so for the first map, to the animal crossing new horizons island of Calma created by gabby. All of the water terraforming, she's done a fabulous job of mixing the natural terraforming the waterways, the big lakes with the kind of canal areas as well, like the structured neighbourhoods as well that contrasts really nicely, she's got a nice mix in heights with the hills and also there's some narrow kind of walkways to get around the animal crossing new horizons island, the contrast again with the open spaces and those narrow walkways with regards to the placement of her shops and things.

Obviously got resident services here, and she separated her nooks and her able sisters, so there's no shopping district, but that it's a breakup, you've got different things to see here, and there her neighbourhoods are really cute, she's used different neighbourhoods for different sets of villages, they're all quite forward-facing which can be nice as well, when you're looking at the map direct head-on, so another beautiful map, definitely check out the dream dress as well.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Design 1

2. Animal Crossing New Horizons Design - Blossombay

This is a beautiful boho animal crossing island at night for number two. To the animal crossing new horizons island of blossom bay created by ACNH underscore Ikesha over on Instagram and when she showed me this map, it's like a giant daisy which is amazing, a quick run around her animal crossing island to see, how she's kind of translated that into her decorating, she's done a really good job because it is quite limiting, but it makes for a wonderful map, so if you're thinking about stepping out of the comfort zone and doing something like this do it,  and then you'll have yourself a challenge of decorating with what supply to you, but you can make it work wonderfully as well, just such a cute idea and it really fits with her theme as well.

Animal Crossing New Horiozn 2

3. Animal Crossing New Horizons Design - Toadstool

So amazing job for number three, this gorgeous map was created by toadstool things on Instagram and this is gorgeous, all of the stepping stones running throughout, but there is also some kind of layered stepping stones as well, and then you have all of the hills at the back.

They haven't done anything major with what was kind of already existing on the map, just totally enhanced it using the river mouths and things and just edited it up a bit, it looks amazing all of the houses the villager's houses are really nicely surrounding resident services which if you're trying to save space and don't want to do a structured neighbourhood, this is definitely one way to go about it, they're still cosy, but they're not kind of symmetrical which is really nice as well and the able sisters and nuts are slightly separated, but not too far away, so they're easily accessible just a wonderful map and definitely something that you can take inspiration from for sure.

Animal Crossing New Horizons 3

4. Animal Crossing New Horizons Design - Kellermans 

Next up is this gorgeous animal crossing new horizons island of Kellerman's which was created by mish underscore ACNH on Instagram and again, they've made great use of the existing river miles to make some beautiful waterways, the big loop with the double bridge moment that's stunning, how all of the villagers have their own yards that's so cute and some of them are together nice and cosy, and then some are a bit spread apart, but the real thing here is all about that water terraforming, the raised areas as well they look gorgeous, you've got a bit of a town area down in the right-hand corner with NYX and able sisters. Next to resident services, so that's a great little way to go if you're looking for placement ideas for your shops.

Animal crossing new horizons 4

5. Animal Crossing New Horizons Design - Brise Isle 

Next up on the animal crossing new horizons island of Brisey Isle created by Robbie aka breeze underscore crossing on Instagram and the terraforming on this island is just insane, so that is why the map looks so beautiful and so detailed Robbie has done.

All of his terraforming before he's completed his island which is a very smart way to design your animal crossing island, the map is just wow, so got some lovely rivers here, the fact that one of the rivers on the right-hand side snakes all the way through the island right to the back where the rocks are got some like mountains, they all kind of flow really nicely, you can tell that some of the waterways will go up and where the waterfalls will be, it's just all really nicely spread out, the fact that he's used his beaches to put his able sisters, and his nooks and his campsite something a bit different, he's not completely finished, but if you are thinking about places where to put them, you can definitely fit them all on your beaches, if you are thinking about doing it that way, so another wonderful natural animal crossing new horizons island beautiful.

Animal crossing new horizons 5

6. Animal Crossing New Horizons Design - Peachy 

Another map and another beautiful animal crossing island, this is peachy created by at peaches and crossing over on Instagram,  and this is a stunning island, there are some really beautiful little streams, here again, lots of stepping stones can only imagine what she's placed down where she has put those in-game paths, but again so creative, all of the hills kind of flow really nicely which is super hard to do, so really love that have got the houses, some of them are together which the fact that they've got close neighbours and some of them are spread out which is a really nice thing to do on your animal crossing new horizons island. 

To be honest, that was probably kinds of villager yard animal crossing islands where you had some of them close together and some of them spread out her able sisters and her nooks are really nicely positioned as well, having the able sisters on the lower level, and then the notes on the higher level again that is something that in the past and really do like it that way easily accessible, if you're looking to do your dailies and looks cute as well. 

Animal crossing new horiozns 6

7. Animal Crossing New Horizons Design - Aquanura 

next up is this gorgeous map created by Joshua, you can find them on Instagram as at Joshua. crossing, this map is very interesting, because of the cliffs if you look at them,  there is kind of the base layer or the first level of the cliff, and then what they've done is they've gone over with the second layer of the cliff, which normally you see a lot of the top tier cliffs around, normally if you're building you build on that first layer that makes for an interesting map again, everything is very natural, looking there is some kind of narrow walkways which as well very creative and kind of an interestingly different way to get around, and it creates some awesome views.

Animal crossing new horizons 7

8. Animal Crossing New Horizons Design - Meribella 

The next map is very unique and uses a lot of water, this is the animal crossing new horizons island of mary Bella created by a cat and this is a Meribella-themed island, this is so unique, a run around it's so bright and colourful, but it's very different.

It can give you an idea as to how to structure your paths and your layout if you look at what they've done with their kind of central platform in front of their airport that's very different, not really seen anything like that before and also the neighbourhood at the back of the island, this is so much a good way, such a clean cohesive little neighbourhood right at the back of your animal crossing island, so if you want a lot of stuff going on in the foreground, then you can go ahead and do that, but nonetheless, definitely unique and worth a look for sure.

animal crossing new horizons 8

9. Animal Crossing New Horizons Design - Kattegat 

Next up on the island of cat gat created by Sarah, and this island has some really ingenious things that they've done with the neighbourhood, the curved neighbourhood over on the top right that's really pretty and very unique and also the fact that they've got the little oxbow lake in front of it, absolutely gorgeous the waterways are beautiful as well, there are lots of kinds of little ACNH islands, especially in the centre behind resident services, only imagine that there are some gorgeous waterfalls, there and then the other neighbourhood over on the left-hand side at the back of the map is also pretty unique as well, the fact that they're on two different levels is very clever, and then the shops, they're really close together with the campsite which is placed on the peninsula, if your peninsula is big enough is a great place to put it as well just a really nice beautiful map.

animal crossing new horizons 9

10. Animal Crossing New Horizons Design - Valyria 

Next up for number 10, this is the animal crossing island of Valeria created by awful gaming and this is a stunning map this is really beautiful, it's really well thought out all of the waterways kind of signify a specific area, you've got the museum surrounded by that lovely thick river,  you've got able sisters to campsite and nooks all surrounded by almost their own island, they've all got their own entryways onto them even some of the neighbours, the villagers have that as well really pretty so gorgeous, it's all predominantly flat as well, which makes even more of a kind of enhancement of the waterways so gorgeous and very unique, this is a great inspiration for anyone who is looking to do some extra heavy terror forming on that animal crossing new horizons island and just go for it and see what happens.

animal crossing new horizons 10

11. Animal Crossing New Horizons Design - Chanterell 

The next map is created by tuna dot crossing, and this is the animal crossing new horizons island of chanterelle which is a gorgeous island wonderful beautiful overgrown animal crossing new horizons island, but the map is also gorgeous, a lot of amazing water terraforming, this is so detailed and wonderful, all of the different little streams that are flowing throughout the intricate mountains, just amazing the little ponds and even there's like a double pond moment going on what is that is stunning,  and the corner kind of Hill vibe that's really nice as well all of the villager houses are nicely scattered, you've got the museum on the beach, the NYX is behind resident services which are great and easy to get to and the campsite is in a perfect position at the bottom of a waterfall by the looks of it gorgeous beautiful map.

animal crossing new horizons 11

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