How to Kick Out Villagers in Animal Crossing New Horizons - ACNH Villager Move Out Guide 2022
6/16/2022 5:43:38 PM

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, villagers will not move out on their own. So if you are going to get rid of a specific villager on your island or leave a spot for a new character, how do you kick out the villager? In the ACNH villager move out guide 2022, there are three methods you can try to get rid of villagers. 

acnh villager move out guide 2022

How to Kick Out Villagers in Animal Crossing New Horizons - ACNH Villager Move Out Guide 2022

There are some rumors about how to kick out villagers in New Horizons, some of the rumors are hitting villagers with a net pushing them, putting trash outside of their house, and even mailing them garbage, but none of these really help. Then how to get a villager to move out fast in ACNH? If you think time travel is too complicated, Pinkylani Plays also introduced other ways. 

1. Go to the campsite and talk to the villagers

Villagers will come to your campsite that has different personality traits than the villagers that you have living on your island, when you see them, if you want them to move in, you can go ahead and talk to them. Keep talking to them until they want to interact with you, and play a game with them. Once you play the game, if you win, they will give you a prize, if you lose the game, just keep talking to them and they will ask you to try again. Next, what you want to do is to continue talking to the villager until they suggest they would like to move in, once they do, if you have a plot available, they would choose that plot, if not, once they come back from Resident Services, they will pick a villager for you. If you want that villager to move out, then don't save and quit, just close the game, then you will have to start the process all over again until you get the villager that you want to kick out.

2. Invite a camper using an Amiibo card

Head over to the Resident Services building to use the Nook Stop, select Invite a Camper, then you can invite using an Amiibo card, after you invited the camper, go to the campsite and talk to the villager, you may have to talk to them a couple of times, then they will ask you for an Animal Crossing item to craft, then you can go craft the item and bring it back to the villager as a gift, they will give you another gift for crafting. On the next day, do it again, once you have invited the villager in, go back and talk to them again, they’ll ask you for another item to craft, and repeat what you do on the first day. On the third day, you have to do it one more time. Then you continue to talk to them and they will express interest in wanting to move in, tell them why don't you go ahead and move in, they will check your resident services, and if you have a spot available, they will take that spot, if not, they will let you choose this time a resident to negotiate with, select the resident you want to move out and you're able to kick out the villager of your choice.

3. Time travel and find villagers with a thought bubble

As soon as you log into your game, head over to Resident Services and check out if any of the villagers have a thought bubble above their heads. If no one has, go ahead and save and quit. You can time travel to the next day, and continue to find the villagers with a thought bubble on the head, you might have to do this several different times to get the villager that you want, and make sure she actually wants to move. If the villager with a thought bubble is the one you want to get rid of, speak with them and kick them out, if not, don’t speak with them, note the date, and time travel back to the date that it was prior to any time traveling, then time travel forward to the date noted until you find the villager with thought bubble is who you want to kick out and move them out. After finishing the conversation, make sure you remember to save and quit the game this time, this is very important. Then you can time travel to the very next day so you can see the villager is ready to move out. You will be able to go ahead and start your island hunting for a new villager.


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