ACNH Most Popular Villagers by Species | Animal Crossing New Horizons Villager Species Tier List 2022
6/30/2022 5:04:33 PM

There are 35 villager species in Animal Crossing New Horizon ranging from the Mice in the dumpsters to the elegant and deer in the fields, in this ACNH post, we will be ranking all villagers by species from the worst to the best.

ACNH Villager Species Tier List 2022 - Most Popular Villagers By Species

What's your favorite thing about Animal Crossing perhaps it's setting up your town to show off your unique and beautiful ideas, or maybe you're more of an indoor designer and you want your home to be cozy and personalized, or maybe you're more of a collector who wants to fill their museum and item catalogs. While all of that is a huge part of the animal crossing experience, for some people, the best part has always been the villagers - the colorful, lovable, and charming characters that randomly make up your town, they can be a source of great joy and friendship, or great anguish and pain. Although they only have eight different personalities, there is a fantastic amount of variety, and who doesn't love to find and lock down their favorites while giving plenty of passive-aggressive looks to unwanted neighbors who can't take a hint. Everyone's got their favorites, everyone's got their hates, but with roughly 400 of these characters that can make up your town, there's bound to be some that bring out strong feelings. In this ACNH Villager Species Tier List, we are going to to lay out the most popular villagers by species in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

No. 1 - Cats

Let’s start with the best species in the game, there are an absolute ton of these cats, it's the largest single species in the series, most of which are freaking adorable. Kitkat is one of the best jocks in the game with a wicked cute superhero theme and face. Rudy the red-nosed cat is another all-star pick with his happy little smile and deserves more recognition. Bob is so famous that he's a legendary meme in the fan base and sells the perfect vibes for a chill and lazy cat. Pearl's got a pretty funny face and spots lolly is absolutely adorable. We absolutely can't forget Olivia - the classiest most dignified cat of the bunch with a graceful beauty and excellent touch with the leg coloration too. Ankha deserves special recognition too, her ancient Egyptian motif is very well executed and perfectly paired with a snooty yellow cat, this design is effortless. The cats are largely wonderful designs, the best cats are Raymond, Ankha, Lolly, and Bob, and the worst are Tabby and Monique.

ACNH Best Cat Villagers

  • 1. Raymond (S Tier)

  • 2. Ankha (S Tier)

  • 3. Lolly (S Tier)

  • 4. Bob (A Tier)

  • 5. Tangy (A Tier)

No. 2 - Deers

As second of the six best species in Animal Crossing, the deer have so many great designs, it's a shame there aren't more of them. Zell has lovely colors representing a gazelle that fit his smug personality exceptionally well really chill vibes. Diana is a very beautiful pink and white deer that captures the purity and grace of a young doe in the forest one of the best snooties for sure. Fauna is another cute option capturing a similar essence with a little more youth and naivete thrown in. Bam is one of the best jocks with a nice spunky energy you can see in his face ,while beau's sleepy expression makes him a standout lazy villager with a ton of fans in the community. Fuchsia has the weird stick on hair thing going on too but the pink and blue combination makes her a perfect choice for more nightlife focused towns.

ACNH Best Deer Villagers

  • 1. Shino (S Tier)

  • 2. Beau (S Tier)

  • 3. Fauna (A Tier)

  • 4. Erik (A Tier)

  • 5. Diana (A Tier)

No. 3 - Squirrels

Another of the largest single species, the squirrels are also one of the six best of all. There are a good amount of whatever designs here, but the squirrels are just so cute with their huge bobbing tails and the great ones are really great. Marshall is of course the star of the show being one of the most popular villagers ever and understandably, his expressions are remarkably cute little hair tuft and overall vibes solidify him as one of the best smugs and one you really can't go wrong with. Pina is one of the best peppy villager with an adorable pink and blue color scheme, and a pair of cute little eyes, we highly recommend her to anyone shopping for something sweet and lovable. Static is hilarious with his deep booming cranky voice, the lightning bolt and purple coloration is memorable and he's an exceptional cranky choice. Poppy also has a really sweet vibe with lovely colors too and is often looked over. Tasha has a nice spooky look, Filbert's soft blue is fitting for many towns too. There are a fair amount of lackluster squirrels here but not too many that are flat out bad designs.

ACNH Most Popular Squirrels

  • 1. Marshal (S Tier)

  • 2. Ione (S Tier)

  • 3. Poppy (A Tier)

  • 4. Filbert (B Tier)

  • 5. Sylvana (B Tier)

No. 4 - Octopus

The smallest and most novel of the species with only four members and wouldn't you know it all three are fantastic designs and fan favorites. Marina is way too adorable with her new baggy sweatshirt and darling expression, the pink colors are really smooth on the eyes. Octavian is a great cranky too with highly distinct features and a striking red body. Zucker resembles a type of japanese food made from octopus which is a rather dark idea when you think about it, but he's still pretty cool. Of the four Octopus, Octavian is by far the least popular he's a little too angry looking for many.

ACNH Best Octopus Villagers

  • 1. Zucker (S Tier)

  • 2. Marina (S Tier)

  • 3. Cephalobot (A Tier)

  • 4. Octavian (B Tier)

No. 5 - Bearcubs

Cubs are cuter options for bear lovers who want something cuddlier. Judy has made quite the impact in the community and is a huge fan favorite, her sparkly and dreamy coloration makes her fit with pretty much any magical and cutesy aesthetic. Stitches, the traditional plush cub is another very popular pick, a stuffed bear is a special and effortless pairing of charming colors too. Picos rock an enchanting look and is also stupid cute. Maple while rather plain is a great choice for a normal villager and chester while another love or hate kind of design imbues creepy and demented energy that some towns are looking for. Beryl is well known for how attention-grabbing his appearance is but weirdly there's something kind of endearing about his grumpy scruffy little mug. The best cubs are Judy, Stitches, and Pekoe, the worst are Chester and Kody.

ACNH Best Bearcub Villagers

  • 1. Stitches (S Tier)

  • 2. Maple (S Tier)

  • 3. Bluebear (B Tier)

  • 4. Pekoe (B Tier)

  • 5. June (C Tier)

No. 6 - Wolves

The final of the six best species in animal crossing the wolves by far one of the most classic groups ever with a ton of great members. Fang, not only has lovely silver and white colorations, but a soft and sweet look in his eyes to match, the cranky personality feels a bit out of place on him but lo and behold almost every male wolf has the cranky personality. Wolfgang, Lobo and Chief are three other exceptional cranky options, with wolfgang's friendly face helping him stand out among the rest. Kyle is also worth mentioning for having a unique smug personality and hyena motif. On the female side, we obviously have Whitney another incredibly famous villager and for good reason she has a pretty face and classy style, by far one of the best snooty options. Skye's absent-minded look and blue and white colors are pretty captivating too she's an unexpectedly great normal villager. The final wolf worth mentioning of the group is Audi an out of the ordinary peppy wolf with a distinct theme and delicious french dressing coloration. We really wouldn't say any of the wolves are bad designs, the best wolves are fang, wolfgang and whitney, the worst is Chief now.

ACNH Best Wolf Villagers

  • 1. Audie (A Tier)

  • 2. Fang (A Tier)

  • 3. Whitney (B Tier)

  • 4. Wolfgang (B Tier)

  • 5. Skye (B Tier)

No. 7 - Ostriches 

While they're called ostriches, it's a little more varied than that, they're quite oddly shaped compared to a lot of other villager types, so naturally they're a pretty love or hate it kind of species. Phoebe is a fantastic member of this group inspired by a phoenix and rocking the sisterly personality, absolutely one of the best options. Sprocket's another robot villager that looks pretty sick but the orange clash is hard with the rest of the look, he has a great somewhat lazy looking expression on him even though he's a jock. Phil has really beautiful eyes and pretty colorations but the horrible seafaring shirt is another thing that takes away from the whole look. Flora obviously stands out for being a flamingo if you like that then she's for you. Cranston is surprisingly an appealing design, his face is borderline terrifying after all but in the best of ways. Most of the others are fine with nice enough patterns and concepts, the best ostriches are Flora, Phoebe and Julia, the worst is Sandy.

ACNH Best Ostrich Villagers

  • 1. Flora (A Tier)

  • 2. Phoebe (B Tier)

  • 3. Julia (B Tier)

  • 4. Blanche (B Tier)

  • 5. Gladys (B Tier)

No. 8 - Dogs

The dog surprisingly got a much worse deal than the cats, there are fewer of them though still a decent amount but a ton of these are boring uninspired designs. Everybody knows lucky, he's certainly the most beloved of these round canines and he's a freaking mummy dog. Cherry is by far one of the best sisterly villagers which frankly isn't a high bar, they're almost all trash but her red and black bad girl look nails its concept. Biscuit's empty hollow expression is different and helps them stand out well enough making for a low-key but great lazy villager. Cookie is a cute enough normal villager option, everyone else is so blah with such simple faces expressions and colors.

ACNH Best Dog Villagers

  • 1. Lucky (A Tier)

  • 2. Cherry (A Tier)

  • 3. Goldie (B Tier)

  • 4. Cookie (B Tier)

  • 5. Daisy (C Tier)

No. 9 - Penguins 

For how popular and adorable penguins are in real life, we are not impressed with these like a lot of other species, most of them are aimless and unremarkable. We know real life penguins aren't stick thin but these look like bean bags with beaks. Sprinkles is gorgeous, teal coloration and cute facial features easily lift her up from the rest. Hopper's emperor penguin motif is brilliant, making for one of the most classic cranky villagers in the series in a welcome addition to most towns. The most popular penguins are Roald and Aurora, the worst are Gwen and Friga.

ACNH Best Penguin Villagers

  • 1. Roald (A Tier)

  • 2. Aurora (B Tier)

  • 3. Sprinkle (C Tier)

  • 4. Wade (C Tier)

  • 5. Chabwick (D Tier)

No. 10 - Eagles

A slam dunk animal type and good palette cleanser after that mess, every single eagle has its own appeal and it's easily one of the six best species in the series. Apollo pretty much a mascot for villagers in general with his striking and powerful stature cranky personality and almost daddy-like vibe. Celia has beautiful green and white colors with a lovely dignity to her appearance definitely one of the best normal villagers. Blue and yellow contrast attractively together and Keaton wears those colors and his smugness to paint a clear character. Sterlings and other villagers sporting the knight idea, and Avery has some unique markings emulating a totem pole. If we had to pick we suppose frank would be the low point, he's fine too just happens to be the weakest design of the lot. The best eagles are Celia and Apollo, the worst is frank.

ACNH Best Engle Villagers

  • 1. Apollo (B Tier)

  • 2. Quinn (C Tier)

  • 3. Celia (D Tier)

  • 4. Avery (D Tier)

  • 5. Sterling (F Tier)


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