All ACNH Gyroids List | What Are Gyroids for ACNH & How Many Gyroids Are There
7/19/2022 4:20:35 PM

Gyroids are special items added in the New Horizons 2.0 version, with lots of hidden features to play with. What are gyroids for ACNH and how many gyroids are there in ACNH? Today we’ll explain some basics of gyroid furniture items and the full list of all ACNH gyroids, each color variation is included. 

What Are Gyroids for ACNH?

In multiple Animal Crossing games prior to New Horizons, gyroids are furniture items that can move and make noises in a rhythm. A set of 36 all-new individual gyroids were added to ACNH in the 2.0 Free Update, all ACNH Gyroids can be placed on tables, ground, other surfaces or hung on walls. You can display gyroids in various designs you are building. Animal Crossing New Horizons gyroids can make sounds like a drum set, melody, snare, crash, etc. 

How Many Gyroids Are There in ACNH?

Some players may be wondering exactly how many gyroids are in Animal Crossing New Horizons, here we are going to explain the types, amounts, and variations of ACNH gyroids. 

1. There are 36 types of different gyroids in Animal Crossing New Horizons, which come in varying shapes and sizes. 

2. There are only 35 gyroid families because 35 gyroids are customizable, each of them has 4-7 color variations, but Brewstoid can’t be customized. 

3. Due to the customization options, players can have up to 189 gyroids to collect in New Horizons. 

All ACNH Gyroids List - All Colors and Types of Animal Crossing New Horizons Gyroids 2.0

Check out the complete list of all gyroids in ACNH, including all 36 types and 189 variations of gyroids. The majority of ACNH gyroids can be purchased on AKRPG. 


Aluminoid (Silver, Copper, Blue, Black)

Arfoid (Yellow, Brown, Green, Pink, Blue)

Babbloid (Blue, Pink, Green, Purple, Brown, White)

Bendoid (Orange, Beige, Green, Brown, Blue, Gray)

Bloopoid (Blue, Red, Green, Purple)

Boioingoid (Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, Black, Wood)

Boomoid (Purple, Green, Camel, Brown, Blue, Black)

Bubbloid (White, Purple, Pink, Green, Brown)

Bwongoid (Yellow, Green, Brown, Blue)

Clatteroid (Pop, Natural, Cute, Cool, Chic)

Crumploid (Yellow, Red, Green, Brown, Blue, Black)

Dootoid (White, Pink, Green, Gray, Brown, Blue, Black)

Drummoid (Purple, Green, Gray, Brown, Blue)

Flutteroid (Yellow, Purple, Pink, Orange, Green)

Jingloid (Silver, Purple, Pink, Gold, Blue)

Laseroid (Yellow, Silver, Pink, Green, Blue)

Oinkoid (Yellow, Pink, Brown, Blue, Black, Beige)

Petaloid (Yellow, White, Purple, Pink, Green, Brown, Blue)

Rattloid (White, Red, Green, Brown, Blue, Black)

Ringoid (Yellow, White, Red, Purple, Green, Blue)

Rumbloid (Yellow, White, Purple, Pink, Green, Gray, Blue)

Scatteroid (White, Pink, Light Brown, Green, Brown)

Spikenoid (Orange, Light Green, Green, Gray, Camel, Brown, Blue)

Sproingoid (Red, Green, Camel, Blue)

Squeezoid (Yellow, White, Pink, Blue, Black, Beige)

Stelloid (Yellow, White, Green, Blue, Black)

Squeakoid (Yellow, White, Brown, Blue, Pink)

Thwopoid (Pink, Beige, Green, Gray)

Tockoid (Pop, Natural, Cool, Cute, Chic)

Tremoloid (Yellow, White, Purple, Green, Blue)

Twangoid (Yellow, Green, Brown, Blue, Black)

Wallopoid (White, Green, Camel, Brown, Blue, Black)

Whirroid (Silver, Red, Gold, Blue)

Whistloid (Yellow, White, Pink, Green, Brown, Blue)

Xylophoid (Yellow, White, Pink, Brown, Blue)

ACNH Gyroids List

How to get gyroids in ACNH?

Players have a chance to dig up most of the gyroids from the ground, Brewstoid is a special gyroid that has no variation, it can be obtained from Brewster after the player sits down for coffee at The Roost on 50 different days. You can’t get it from digging up in the ground. 

1. Try to get a gyroid fragment that may be buried in the ground on both your home island and on mystery islands. 

2. Find an empty space and dig a hole, bury your fragment in the ground. 

3.  Water it with your watering can to make it grow. 

4.  Log into your game on the next day, dig up where you planted a gyroid fragment, and you’ll get a random new gyroid item.  

You are able to find an entire gyroid form buried on your island as well after a rainy day. 

How much are gyroids worth in ACNH?

The selling price of every gyroid in Animal Crossing New Horizons is 828 Animal Crossing bells


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