Animal Crossing New Horizons Update 2022 - New Patch You Should Know In ACNH
7/18/2022 3:04:30 PM

Although major updates stopped with version 2.0 that hasn't prevented Nintendo from releasing many different patches, some things in animal crossing new horizons are bound to go wrong and they have to step in and release an animal crossing new horizons patch to fix things up, it's been a little while now since got a patch which was version 2.0.5.

So it does seem fairly likely that they will come out with a new patch soon, especially as there are currently a lot of glitches and exploits in the game that they haven't patched out, even had some maintenance for the game, recently which does show they're still adjusting minor things behind the scenes.

Nintendo has been pretty infamous at patching out exploits and glitches within the game, for example, they patched out the love fourth level exploit which allowed you to decorate that fourth level on your island.


Animal Crossing New Horizons Update 2022 - New Patch You Should Know In ACNH

Unlimited turnips from Joan 

Another short-lived exploit which allowed you to get unlimited turnips from Joan at the hospital when happy and paradise was also patched out by Nintendo, some of the exploits and glitches, you should enjoy in animal crossing new horizons before Nintendo might patch them out in the next update.

Major nooks and cranny exploits 

First of all, to start with two major nooks and cranny exploits which Nintendo definitely would have noticed by now given how much exposure they got online, it's not a hundred percent known if Nintendo intended them to be this way, but for the first one, definitely can't see that being the case the first exploit effectively allows you to fill up the donation box item with bells sell it to nooks cranny when it's a hot animal crossing new horizons item and duplicate the bells that you've put inside given how tedious this is to do with you having to put in small increments of bells every single time.

This isn't the most fun exploit to do, it is a great way of making bells, but it honestly doesn't feel like something that Nintendo would have intended players to do, it seems like many players felt the same way as well when this exploit was shared online earlier, this year with most people worrying that it would be patched out soon. This is a very likely contender to get removed in the next update animal crossing new horizons patch which would be a bit of a shame, but honestly, it is incredibly inconvenient, 

However, the next exploit is very sad if it did disappear, as this one is much more broken, this one works the same in principle where you need to get it as a hot animal crossing new horizons item and sell it to nooks and cranny. This one is the pile of cash which basically will double its value every time you sell it, you do need to of course invest some bells into it.

Using bells to duplicate more bells

First, to do this effectively, you're using animal crossing new horizons bells to duplicate more bells, very overtly like an exploit and something that Nintendo probably wouldn't want in the game. It is possible that Nintendo did intend this, after all, you do need to get lucky enough to get it as your hot item, this one just feels a little bit too broken for Nintendo to have wanted it in the game, it's very easy for things like this to slip past when you have so many different items that sell for different prices.

If it was unintended, so if you want an interesting way of getting bells in the game, you'll want to try these before the next animal crossing new horizons patch, as either one of them could go.

The puzzle glitch 

You can start exploring your creativity today, this glitch is one that you'll want to try, this is the puzzle glitch which allows you to glitch into certain areas of the map that usually you'd never be able to go into, this could allow you to glitch into certain animal crossing new horizons items, like the hot tub or the pool which is incredibly cool and almost gives a type of interactivity that players wish they could normally have with these animal crossing new horizons items, it even lets you swim in the rivers around your island, this glitch is easy to do.

If you do want to try it yourself, this could be patched out in the next animal crossing update when you consider that a very similar fourth-level glitch was patched out by Nintendo, they may consider getting rid of this one as well on the bright side, this glitch has survived a long time.

Nintendo is very unpredictable with the game, so expect something to be safe,  just because it's been in the game for a while, but then suddenly they'll get rid of it after all as cool as it is, and it should be a feature in the game itself.

The tree glitch 

Another one is the tree glitch which allows you to put trees on the edge of cliffs, and this one is used by a lot of players. So that you can't plant trees in any odd locations anymore, once again this would be a sad one to lose as honestly, it's a lot of fun, they had removed some of the limitations that with trees in animal crossing new horizons glitches and exploits which allow you to do things that you usually wouldn't be able to do are honestly really cool.

Especially ones that are related to island decorating as that is such an essential part of the game, however, there is one thing that they may patch in the next update, honestly would be a good thing, and this is leaf's weeding service.

This multiple times now, Nintendo will do it at some point, because most people can simply not use this feature the fact of the matter is you need to have over 300 weeds for the leaf to use this service on your island a number which you will never naturally have in the game except at the very start, and at that point, most people would have already de-weeded their island, so you'd realistically have to plant more weeds if you ever wanted to use it.

Nintendo needs to patch this in the next update, it would be incredibly easy for them to do just change the number 300 down to something lower, just a number where weeds can naturally spawn either way.


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